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Economy is backbone in Tropico series. Tropico 5 brings even wider variety of economy than all previous versions. With Managers, Budget, Constitution, Edicts and many other bonuses we have so many ways to "fine tune" economy of island as never before.

Building costs

Cost of new buildings can be significantly lowered with right choice of trait for your President and his level. If you add on that, several edicts you practically can purchase some buildings at less than half of their basic cost.

Building budget

Budget effect is seen in the effectiveness tab. Up to +25 with max budget, with the appropriate constitution option you can get even +50 with max budget. (similarly, with minimum budget it is -25 or -50 respectively). It also increases the wealth of the workers and the job quality, you see the effect right away when increasing/lowering the quality.

To ensure a building works at higher efficiency that building need to be fully staffed. Science buildings also benefit greatly from increased budget, as their effectiveness increase research points generation and number of graduated citizens (for high schools, college).



Effectiveness determines how well a building operates, for example:

  • A farm with 200 effectiveness will produce twice as many goods as a farm with 100.
  • A garage at 150 effectiveness will provide 50% more job happiness to nearby buildings as opposed to 100 effectiveness

Increasing Effectiveness
There are many influencing factors for effectiveness and it often varies a lot on the building type. Many buildings have their own effectiveness modifiers (often noted in the description of the building), so for example a farm's effectiveness gets modified by fertility (and pollution), but not beauty.

General way to increase effectiveness:

  • Increase building budget.
  • Ensure a building is fully staffed.
  • Building upgrades - many buildings have upgrades that increase their effectiveness, keep in mind that those may only pay off after a while.
  • Hiring certain managers such as Celebrity, Foremen, General, Magnate, Supervisor or Tycoon.

Besides that there are also some building-type specific modifiers or special buildings that can increase effectiveness:

Farms & Hydroponic Farms

  • Fertility of the ground (-100 to +50).
  • Nearby upgraded sugar farms (up to +30) or cattle ranches/factory farms (up to +20).
  • Agricultural Subsidies edict +50.
  • Upgraded Vehicle Factory with "Farming Vehicles" on the island (up +30 but only for Farms).


  • Fertility (-100 to +50)

Entertainment buildings

  • Mardi Gras edict +20.
  • Upgraded TV Station (TNT Music Television), each nearby up to +20 (for a total of +60 if you build 3).
  • Nearby Fashion Company (up to +20).
  • Stadium - other nearby Stadiums +30 (up to +60). Host the Olympics edict +15.
  • Tavern, Restaurant, Nightclub - nearby upgraded Rum Distillery (up to +20).
  • Tavern - beauty (up to +25).
  • National Park - eauty (up to +50).
  • Museum - Age, i.e. how long it has been built (up to +50).
  • Circus - Nearby Llama Farms or Factory farms (up to +15).

Clinics, Hospitals

  • Immunization Campaign edict +20.
  • Upgraded Pharmaceutical Company (up to +40).

High Schools, College

  • Literacy Program edict +50.
  • High Schools - Nearby upgraded Museum +25 (up to +50).


  • Ecology constitution options (-20 with Zero Emissions, +10 with Economy First).
  • Jewelry Workshop - other Jewelry workshops nearby (up to +50), note that those do not have to be staffed.
  • Vehicle Factory, Steel Mill, Electronics Factory - upgraded Waste Treatment Plant (up to +40).

Job quality

Citizens will prefer a job with high job quality over a job with poor job quality. Job quality is a part of the overall happiness of Tropicans.

Things affecting job quality:

  • Garages improve job quality by 10 of nearby buildings (up to 15 at max budget).
  • Budget adjusts job quality (up to +25).
  • Changing the constitution can increase or decrease job quality.
  • Manager can increase/decrease job quality.
  • Some building upgrades can also increase or decrease job quality.

Service quality

Service quality determine how "happy" people with the service received are when visiting the building. Getting service quality as high as possible to maximize happiness is important. You can increase service quality in several ways:

  • Modern and high wealth buildings usually have a higher service quality then other buildings (e.g. A Hospital has a higher Service quality then a Clinic).
  • Replace low service quality buildings with buildings that have higher quality when they become available.
  • Improved by increasing building effectiveness.
  • Improved by constitution.
  • Improved by Manager.

Maximum Service Quality
Below are some ways to reach maximum service quality on buildings.
Maximum Service Quality - Entertainment

  • Build a cluster with 3 TV stations, 2 Fashion Companies.
  • Opera - Threepenny Opera upgrade.
  • Restaurant - 99 Service quality, with 6 food types, Rum Distillery nearby. Can reach 100 with Mardi Gras.
  • Restaurant - reachable with Grocery or Supermarket.
  • Supermarket vs Grocery - less maintenance, more customers server per worker, 30 extra quality (10 compared to upgraded grocery).
  • 6 food types will reach 100 quality on grocery with either Farmers Fair upgrade or Extra Rations. Food are Bananas, Corn, Fish, Milk, Meat and Pineapple. Each type will increase the Service Quality by 5. Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa, Chocolate and Cheese are not food!

Maximum Service Quality - Healthcare

  • Build Hospitals.
  • Issue Immunization edict.
  • Build 2 Pharmaceutical Companies with "Supply Local Market" Upgrade.

Maximum Service Quality - Housing

  • Use Mortgage Subsidiaries to lower the wealth requirement of houses by 1 level, setting budget to minimum also lowers it by one level.
  • Building chucks of houses and boosting with religious buildings (+20 housing quality), Metro Stations (+15 housing quality), and beauty gives a boost too.
  • Mansions provide 100 service quality early on for Rich/Well-Off citizens, can provide 100 on poor level too (requires buildings though).
  • Apartments, Modern Apartments and Houses can all provide 100 with housing quality boosters nearby.
  • Apartments - are cheaper then house, and have an upgrade path from Tenements, making them an optimal choice; they can also be used for "tight quarters" getting better space-effectiveness at the cost of service quality (can be offset by electrification or metro stations to reach 100 again)

Maximum Service Quality - Religion

  • Build or replace Churches with Cathedrals.
  • Higher budget increase Service Quality.
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