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Sometimes two factions will have a demand at the same time, forcing you to choose sides - even if their request is the same! In this situation you will always lose standing in at least the rejected faction. Dismissing a dual demand will anger both. After making the decision the dual demand will turn into a regular demand.

Hint: Check the current standing and the number of supporters of both factions in the Almanac before committing to a decision.

Capitalist or Communists

  • Mason Belmonte: "Freedom is all that matters, Presidente - freedom for the market! Help me free the market, and it's invisible hand will make our financial dreams come true!"
  • Marco Moreno: "The market is the tool of the oppressors! Help me promote freedom through equality, Presidente... although you will of course be more equal than the rest of us!"

Religious or Militarists

  • General Rodriguez: "Peace must be earn through superior firepower. You can't pray for national security, you have to take it from the barrel of a gun! As long as you're on the right end of it, of course..."
  • Sister Francesca: "It's not about guns or prayers, Presidente, it's about doing what's right. And what God wants is always right. What does He want? Well, I have a few suggestions..."

Enviromentalists or Industrialists

  • Sunny Flowers: "Presidente, you just gotta help me the world a better place for the trees and the little critters of nature! You just can't turn Tropico into a wasteland full of factories spewing toxic death!"
  • Harland Zander: "Really, little lady, you must try to be less fanciful. "Spewing toxic death"? I'd look at what your protesters are smoking behind those barricades if I were you. Cigar, Presidente - and maybe some business?"

Conservatives or Intellectuals

  • Hector Delgado: "The dangers of the internet, Presidente... you can't possibly imagine! I know I can't. Let's not get sucked into all the virtual baloney and invest in something real and solid. Traditional Tropican values!"
  • Elena Culpepper: "Seriously? Look at this real-time informatic showing what Tropico really needs. I just need to log in, enter my credit card number, solve fifty Robot Tests... oh, it took me back to the first page. You might have to just trust me on this one."

Capitalists or Religious

  • Mason Belmonte: "I've got nothing against the Big Guy, but you can't sell tickets to church! Trust me, I've tried! And let's face it, every penny spent on charity is a penny wasted! For-profit business is always way to go!"
  • Sister Francesca: "God may excuse your blasphemy, child, but I've always found forgiveness the trickiest part of my religion. Presidente, ignore this messenger of Mammon and invest in for-people business!"

Capitalists or Militarists

  • Mason Belmonte: "They say war is good for business, but you know what's really good for business? It's making a ton of money without anyone dropping their bombs anywhere near you. Wanna do some of that kind of business, Presidente?"
  • General Rodriguez: "Of course, business has it's place - someone has to make all the guns, tanks, and battleships. But what Tropico needs right now is a well-dressed military with more parades!"

Communists or Religious

  • Marco Moreno: "A good leader listens to the people, Presidente. Show that you care for your Tropican comrades and win their hearts and souls, though you do not get to keep them, okay?"
  • Sister Francesca: "Speaking of souls, I'd imagine that El Presidente is looking forward to joining me in Heaven, rather than go to... the other place. The good shepherd looks after the sheep, don't you agree, Presidente?"

Communists or Militarists

  • General Rodriguez: "Please reinforce your armies, Presidente! We have enemies to our right, insurgents on our left, demons below and pterodactyls above! Who knows what's hurtling through the fourth dimension to attack us right now?!"
  • Marco Moreno: "Why work towards battle, when you should be battling for the workers? Presidente, please help the comrades! The sweat of their collective brow drips for Tropico!"

Religious or Enviromentalists

  • Sunny Flowers: "The planet is in grave danger, Presidente - surely the Goddess needs us to save her now more than ever! Won't you consider going just a little green?"
  • Sister Francesca: "I'm sure El Presidente is amused by your pagan nonsense, child - but this talk of 'going green' has me seeing red. Presidente, if we're going to save something, we should start with the souls of the registered voters."

Religious or Industrialists

  • Sister Francesca: "Presidente, have you seen the people who toll in this man's evil factories? They're so poor and hungry, mere cogs in his machines. With your help, they shall receive the succor of the God Book!
  • Harland Zander: "But my dear lady, my 'evil' factories create opportunity for the poor and hungry. 'The meek shall inherit the Earth', isn't that right? Presidente, helping me helps all of that harridan's flock!"

Militarists or Enviromentalists

  • Sunny Flowers: "It's you and me, Presidente! We're in the trenches, side by side, fighting the war for Gaia! You can win us the battle - just marshall your forces and march for Mother Earth!"
  • General Rodriguez: "That flower lady hijacked my rhetoric, Presidente! Honestly, trees and rabbits... what are they good for? Absolutely nothing! Get a well-oiled war machine and crush our foes beneath our shiny steel-toed boots!"

Militarists or Industrialists

  • Harland Zander: "I know the military understands the importance of industry, because we make their weapons! Son, your toys comes from my factories, so tell El Presidente that my request is more important than yours."
  • General Rodriguez: "The military thanks you for making its 'toys' - but we need more places to play with them. Defending the nation means imagining every possible threat, Presidente - and I see imaginary threats on all sides!"

Enviromentalists or Capitalists

  • Mason Belmonte: "Invest in Tropico, Presidente! That's the future... you plant money to grow a money tree, which drops more money to plant, to grow more money trees! Whadya say, Presidente - let's get green fingers!"
  • Sunny Flowers: "What do you know about growing things? Presidente, true wealth is in the soil! Our roots are invested in dirt, not a bank account. Help me to grow Tropico's future - naturally!"

Enviromentalists or Communists

  • Marco Moreno: The environment is a hot topic, Presidente, but your immediate efforts should be focused upon the needs of revolution and the freedom of the workers from the Capitals!
  • Sunny Flowers: No way, Presidente - Mother Earth's your total priority! Once you've saved the planet, only then you can help us humans. We are afterall, just a small, indistinct doodle in a much bigger picture!

Industrialists or Capitalists

  • Harland Zander: Listen, Presidente, my friend and I are like peas in a pod. I'm just the bigger pea, the better pea if you will, because I make something. He just exchanges money and hopes for the best. Back my plan, El Presidente.
  • Mason Belmonte: You can't seriously think that building factories is a better bet than playing the market? IPOs, EPS, YOLOs... Come on, Pres - back a winner, you know I'm right.

Industrialists or Communists

  • Harland Zander: "My grandpappy used to say 'you can't make lemonade without a lemon plantation and good supply of migrant workers.' A simple man from simpler times - but he had a point, and a gun, and so do you Presidente! Let's squeeze some lemons!"
  • Marco Moreno: "Have you heard this fossil? He still thinks the ploretariat is a commodity to buy and sell like chicken wings! Tropico's workers have been squeezed long enough! Help them, Presidente!"

Conservatives or Capitalists

  • Mason Belmonte: "You can't expect business to run smoothly with so much oversight - we have to be free to buy and sell and hide stocks in an unregulated holding company while we wait for the inspectors to leave, eh, Pres?"
  • Hector Delgado: "You wanna do business, great, but do it out in the open. How do we know he's not hiring undocumented workers, Presidente? It's a problem! Now my request is so straight you could mistake it for a runway!"

Conservatives or Communists

  • Marco Moreno: "The workers must be freed from oppression, Presidente! The yoke of tyranny must be lifted so the albumen of justice can run free! Let us put all our eggs in the basket of equality!"
  • Hector Delgado: "Can you believe this guy, Presidente? Being equal doesn't mean we're the same - we need to respect the individual, Presidente! I've got some ideas... if this wacko'll shut up about his breakfast!"

Conservatives or Religious

  • Hector Delgado: 
  • Sister Francesca: 

Conservatives or Militarists

  • General Rodriguez: "Nothing says 'security' like a well funded army, Presidente - the borders are safe, the nation is safe, and most importantly, you are safe... So invest in the Army!"
  • Hector Delgado: "I'm as big a fan of the Armed Forces as anyone - but a nation that doesn't have strong values is doomed. If you want the respect of other nations, invest in tradition, Presidente!"

Conservatives or Enviromentalists

  • Sunny Flowers: 
  • Hector Delgado: 

Conservatives or Industrialists

  • Harland Zander: 
  • Hector Delgado: 

Intellectuals or Capitalists

  • Elena Culpepper: "Presidente, your eyes are on the future - and that future flows through my R&D Department. With some help from your treasury, we'll keep on trying. Some of our biggest wins are total accidents!"
  • Mason Belmonte: "I'm all for Research and Development - it's tax deductible! But you can't listen to people who believe that trying is good enough. You have to win, Presidente! And with my request, I know we'll win."

Intellectuals or Communists

  • Marco Moreno: "The many before the one... equality... that's what the people yearn for! And you yearn for their votes, Presidente, so why not we kill two birds with one stone?"
  • Elena Culpepper: "My equal calculations come up short when I carry the one, Presidente, so I don't think we can carry the many. Besides, if we're propelling stones at multiple birds, it's definitely speculative, dangerous, and wholly unnecessary science you need!"

Intellectuals or Religious

  • Elena Culpepper: "Oh wow, is that a cleric? How retro! I play a Science Paladin Half-Elf! Anyhow, Presidente, we need some things for my research - and also our games are lagging, you know?"
  • Sister Francesca: "Oh, poor child, I feel your pain. But don't worry, I'll cast a spell and make it all better! Wait - no I won't! Because, Presidente, you and I have to solve real problems in the real world!"

Intellectuals or Militarists

  • Elena Culpepper: "Presidente, you must've heard the phrase 'For Science!' When people express belief in the unhindered pursuit of knownledge, they sometimes dogmatically exclaim this phrase. Like this, we need more research stuff, FOR SCIENCE!"
  • General Rodriguez: "You can't shoot the enemy with knownledge, Presidente - I've tried and the results are disappointing! What we really need is more soldiery stuff - FOR SOLDIERS!"

Intellectuals or Enviromentalists

  • Sunny Flowers: "Simplicity, that's my motto! If we have more gadgets, we'll forget how to work with our own hands! Here, Presidente - while you consider my proposal, try this mung bean casserole I made from recycled newspaper."
  • Elena Culpepper: "It's too late to safe the planet, Presidente, so we should fly Tropico into orbit to survive the apocalypse! Consider my proposal while I run this simulation... ah, we flew into the sun. That's okay, let's reload."

Intellectuals or Industrialists

  • Harland Zander: "Robots, Presidente, they're what makes factories so good at what they do nowadays. Y'all need more factories using robots to make more robots to make more factories, and maybe some other things too!"
  • Elena Culpepper: "Robots, Presidente - absolutely! But we don't need more factory robots - that's so last century. We need better robots. And that takes the kind of research that only really smart people can do!