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Dr. Steinschneider is a main character in Tropico 4's expansion, Modern Times. He is a mad scientist who initially assists El Presidente, but is later revealed as the main antagonist.

Tropico 4

Modern Times

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Dr. Steinschneider first contacts the presidente by a letter, warning of a new biologically engineered virus. Despite his claims of not being mad, the presidente disregards the letter. When the warning turns out to be true and Tropicans begin hiccuping uncontrollably in The Hiccups, Dr. Steinschneider arrives to help, asking for 6 professors to act as his personal assistants. After some time, he concludes scaring infectees cures them. Since scaring infectees individually would be too time-consuming, he suggests building a movie theater to force patients to view horror movies. When this fails to end the disease, he suggests more scary entertainment, such as riding a rollercoaster or allowing bungee jumping off the Cosmic Pin. One of his Tropican assistants theorizes that drinking rum will cure the disease by replacing the 'infected' hiccups with normal, 'healthy' ones. To test the theory, he suggests building a rum distillery. Unfortunately around this time, he discovers that the disease is evolving to infect entire buildings, slowly making everyone that lives or works in them ill. The only cure he finds at the time is destroying the buildings outright. What's worse, his assistant's theory fails disastrously, with infected Tropicans still sick and now very hung over. Thankfully, he finally makes some progress. He finds a true cure to the disease while reading an old book on the occult; stand on one's head, drink water, and recite the national anthem. To dispense the cure, he asks that a new sanatorium and two water treatment plants be built and that a National Day be issued. He'll also discover that microwave radiation has shown some promise in disinfecting diseased buildings and suggests that building each radar dish built will disinfect one nearby building. After the mission, he'll confirm the reports that the virus is man-made and says that he believes that Tropico was simply a proving ground. However, the presidente suspects that the island was chosen specifically.

When Penultimo's strange behavior and unusual physiology worries Miss Pineapple in The Truth is Out There, she has a radio station built to contact Dr. Steinschneider, who concludes that Penultimo has been kidnapped and replaced with a clone. To find the real Penultimo, he requires gold to build a "whole-conductor" for his Gene Tracking Device. He's later called back to the island when a new virus breaks out across the island, causing people to transform into clones of Penultimo, along with his characteristic incompetence. To develop a cure, he asks for lots of chemicals. Unfortunately, the cure he develops is immediately stolen in what he suspects is an inside job. With help from the island's secret agents, he discovers that the Penultimo that was rescued is actually another clone. This clone is captured and the cure is administered to the island's water supply.

When Dr. Steinschneider first arrives on Piedra Island in The Shakes, he asks for $40,000 to set up a secret lair lab in one of the island's volcanoes. Once done, he'll notice that the earthquakes on the island are unusual and will ask for 1,000 samples of iron to study. Within a few months, he'll also invent a "Doomsday Clock" that can (mostly) accurately predict when disasters will occur and what effect the presidente's decisions will have on causing or delaying such events. When the Shadow sends a message and a series of earthquakes to the island, the doctor realizes that they're being produced artificially underground and asks for 2,000 more metal samples to use in his research, this time willing to accept bauxite as well as iron can be used instead of iron, to help keep his research secret and to avoid earthquakes. The mining process is too slow for the doctor's taste though, and he asks for $10,000 to design a prototype of a borehole mine, years before they're available. Eventually, he'll ask for regular monthly donations to his research fund, which will help develop new technologies based on how much he's given. Once he has enough samples, he'll say that he has pinpointed the location of the underground base where the Shadow's "Conclave" is producing the earthquakes. To combat them, he develops a sonic-based weapon to cause a massive cave-in at the base's location. When an unexplained earthquake hits Russia, he theorizes that the Conclave is trying to provoke the US and USSR into starting World War 3. Searching through the Conclave's destroyed base turns up evidence that he's right.

While the presidente is dealing with both General Igor Fedorov (who wants to invade the US, thinking the Conclave is based there) and Agent Sasha (who wants to avoid World War 3) in Countdown to Oblivion, Dr. Steinschneider asks for a $30,000 research grant to develop a way to find out what's going on with the USSR officials. Awhile after being given the grant, he returns with a plan; export electronics fitted with advanced micro-transmitters to create a spy network across the planet, build an array of radar dishes to receive the transmissions, and analyze the data. He suggests hiring a team of Chinese specialists to analyze the data, rather than leave it up to Tropican talent, which he expresses doubt in. What he learns from the data is that the Conclave wants Fedorov to believe it is based in the US in order to get him to start World War 3, allow the global superpowers to destroy each other, then establish a new world order from the ashes. Though he admires their idea, he helps the presidente capture a Conclave agent and develops and administers a truth serum so that Fedorov will learn of the plan and call off the invasion.

When US citizens - panicked over the threat of World War 3 - begin building fallout shelters and stocking up on provisions in Keep Calm And Carry On, Dr. Steinschneider notes that the global chaos is rising so badly that economists now measure the state of the economy based on the "Canned Goods index." He theorizes that this chaos can be used to weaken and overthrow the Conclave and asks that the island begin exporting canned goods to help fuel the paranoia. When his theory turn out to be true, he starts getting various extremist and radical groups to contact the presidente with ideas that will cause further chaos. While this is going on, he begins building a sheep-powered mind control device for the US to help calm the world once the Conclave is gone. However, this device is taken by the Conclave instead and he asks that a goat-powered mind control device be created to counteract the effects of the original device. Unfortunately, the stress from working against each other causes both devices to explode, seemingly killing the doctor.

At the end of The Show Must Go On, information retrieved from a Conclave satellite by General Igor Fedorov reveals that Dr. Steinschneider is alive and is new leader of the Conclave. He had faked his death, and used the mind control device to seize control of the remnants of the Conclave - El Presidente speculates this had always been his plan.

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  • His appearance is heavily based on Rowan Williams (former Archbishop of Canterbury) and his behaviour is centred around a stereotypical Albert Einstein-like 'mad scientist.'
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