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For buildings of the same name in other Tropico games, see Dock.

A Dock is an infrastructure building in Tropico 5. It exports and imports resources. Each Dock provides one Trade Ship. Because Docks are so vital to the economy, every island starts with one and can never have any less than that.

Each dock will allow one trade ship. More docks means more trade ships and greater exports. It is extremely difficult to survive with only one Dock.

The default trade ship frequency is every six months but this can be shorted to every 5 by increasing the Dock's budget.

Docks will also benefit greatly from the Drydock building. The Drydock's immediate effect is to completely un-fog the island, allowing any undiscovered areas to be instantly uncovered.

The Drydock upgrades, though some of the most expensive in the game, have a huge impact on Docks and trade exports. The first upgrade doubles the amount of ships relative to the number of docks on the island, instantly doubling export capacity. The second upgrade reduces the ship turnaround time to 3 months instead of the default 6 - halving the time and doubling the export capacity. Both upgrades effectively quadruple the capacity for trade on the island.

Interestingly, while combat forces always seem to land near the islands initial dock to start an assault, they don't attack the docks themselves. This is actually quite helpful as the assault won't disrupt trade. It also means that placing a Tactician manager in a dock to raise its attack survivability is utterly useless.


  • Resource Capacity: 30000
  • Amount To Load: 30000


  • Standing Component - none.
  • Pollution - 15 over 19 tiles.


Dockworkers are perhaps the most important citizens of Tropico. They make sure that all that arrives in Tropico is lost, found again, lost again, banged against every possible nearby surface, re-found, and then dispatched promptly. Without dockworkers the economy will come to a grinding halt.
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