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Diamond cathedrals are welfare buildings in Modern Times (Tropico 4) that take the place of cathedrals. Diamond cathedrals are much more commercial and political than their predecessors, making them useful tools for both earning money and spreading propaganda. Diamond cathedrals also take up nearly triple the space of regular cathedrals, while only serving a few more patrons; if space is an issue on your current island it would be wise to build as many regular cathedrals as you can before they become obsolete. Interestingly, this building also increases beauty in the area around it, similar to how the botanical garden works.

Work Modes

  • Fundraising: By asking for tithes and donations, the diamond cathedral can generate $150 for every visitor.
  • Televangelists: If the island has a TV station, the diamond cathedral can be used to host religious programming, converting people in the area into supporters of the Religious faction.
  • Presidente's Sect: By having the clergy praise their every move, the presidente can start a literal cult of personality, raising the respect of all visitors by 20. This counteracts the effects of being declared anathema.


Penultimo: What is big, shiny, looks like a pyramid and has a cross in front of it?

Sunny Flowers: Uhh, I don't know?

Penultimo: The new place where you can show your faith in front of the camera!

Sunny Flowers: Oh, that?! The Diamond Cathedral?

Penultimo: You nailed in, Sunny! Now it offers forgiveness with a special one-time promotional 50% discount!

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