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Defense is an environmental aura in Tropico 2 which forms part of the happiness values for pirates on the island. Captives are not affected by Defense, so buildings and decor which emanate Defense may be placed safely anywhere in the island, though placing them in captive-only areas (unless an Overseer or Guard is present) is generally wasteful.

List of Defense sources

Building Defense Size Notes
Blacksmithy (39:2) 3x3
Blast Furnace (39:2) 5x4
Boatyard (39:2) 5x5 Unique
Cannon Foundry (39:2) 6x5
Dock (35:2) 5x4
Fort (59:4) 9x6
Gunnery School (35:3) 6x3 Unique
Gunsmithy (39:2) 4x4
Marksmanship School (35:3) 5x3 Unique
Navigation School (35:3) 5x4 Unique
Observatory (59:4) 3x3 Unique
Pirate Palace (Level 1) (27:3) 9x6 Unique
Pirate Palace (Level 2) (39:3) 9x6 Unique
Pirate Palace (Level 3) (51:3) 9x6 Unique
Pirate Palace (Level 4) (63:3) 9x6 Unique
Protective Cannon (24:3) 1x1
Safe Harbor Anchor (12:2) 1x1
Seamanship School (35:3) 4x4 Unique
Shipyard (39:2) 9x6 Unique
Swordsmanship School (35:3) 5x4 Unique
Watch Tower (47:2) 2x2

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