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Customization (Tropico 6)

Tropico 6 gives you more freedom to customize than any other Tropico game.

So far you can customize Presidente, their traits, and the palace

El Presidente

With El Presidente, you can customize their gender (Male, Female), Outfit (Default, Mafia, Modern Business, Soldier, Pirate, Academic Dress, Pharaoh, Roman Emperor, 70's) Hat (Peaked Cap, Soldier, Mafia, Pirate, Academic Dress, Pharaoh, Roman Emperor, Basque Beret, Stetson, Top Hat, Cloche) Accessory (Cigar Variation 1, Cigar Variation 2, Bent Pipe, Straight Pipe, Pacifier) Glasses (Pilot Shades, 70's, Square, Round, Heart, Shuttered) Beard (Default, Pharaoh, Chinstrap, Goatee, Moustache, Pencil Moustache, Short) Hair (Default, Afro, Business, Curly, Hockey, Spikes, Bob, Braid, Long Straight, Long Waved, Medium, Pony Tail) Ethnic Type/Complexion (Latino, Asian, Caucasian, Afro-Caribbean) Outfit Colors, Beard Color, and Hair Color


Trait Description Effect
Apologetic TBA The standing penalty for rejecting demands is decreased by 50%, Participants in protests that have been ended by force are less likely to turn rebel
Charismatic TBA Increases the standing with each faction by 2 and the relations with each Superpower by 2
Compulsive Hoarder TBA Demolition costs 100. Decoration object costs are decreased by 10%
Corrupt TBA All payments to your Swiss Bank Account are increased by 5%. The palace decreases the crime safety nearby by 30 (Effect is -30 on Crime Safety)
Kind of Normal TBA None
Manipulative TBA The standing gain for praising a faction in election speeches is increased by 50%. The relations loss for asking a Superpower for financial aid is decreased by 25%. Praising a Superpower increases relations by an additional 25%
Pyromaniac TBA There is a chance of 5% for buildings to catch fire after being visited by El Presidente. The efficiency of all fire stations is increased by 25%
Savant TBA El Presidente generates 1 Knowledge and 1 Raid Point per day. El Presidente does not greet people on the streets and visits entertainment buildings less often.
Seductive TBA Increases the approval of citizens that are sexually attracted to El Presidente by 3 and likewise decreases the approval of citizens not sexually attracted to El Presidente by 3 (Effect is -3 on Citizen Approval)
Soft-Hearted TBA You cannot issue deadly citizen actions or end protests by force. Before taking up arms against Tropico, rebels have a chance of 2,500% to give up being a rebel completely.
Spatial Sense Prodigy TBA Increases the stockpiles of all buildings, the loading capacity of all teamsters and ships, and the maximum passenger limit of planes and tourist ships by 5%.
Workaholic TBA Increases the efficiency of all buildings by 1%. Decreases the job happiness of all buildings by 2. El Presidente usually does not leave the Palace


When it comes to The Palace, you can customize the Layout (Center, Left, Front Yard, Back Yard, Irregular, Right, Split) Path (Cobblestone, Irregular Cobblestone, Radial Cobblestone, Grass, Gravel, Planks, Red Carpet, Yellow Brick-road) Boundary (Brick Wall, Hedge, Plastered Wall, Victorian Style, Light Military, Heavy Military) Roof Top Extension (None, Fish Tank, Glass Pyramid, Helipad, Public Service Announcement Tower, Roof Top Garden, Hologram) Garden (None, Garden, Pool, Bunker, Hedgemaze, Koi Pond, Sandbox, Stone Garden) Deco Small (None, Amphora Flower Pot, Banner [Tropico Flag], Flag Pole [Tropico Flag], Low Spherical Topiary, Tall Spirally Topiary, Airdancer, El Presidente Statue-Golden) Deco Large (None, Garden, Boulder, Cherry Tree, El Presidente Statue, Fountain [Classic], Fountain [Gothic], Fountain [Modern], Gazebo, Meteorite, Weirdwood Tree, El Presidente Statue-Praise Tropico) Layer 1 Color, Layer 2 Color, Layer 3 Color, Window Style, Palace Outwall Style (Default, Plastered, Sandstone, Stucco Walls)