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Criminals are men and women who have turned to crime in Tropico 4. Unlike other jobs, criminals don't work for a wage, nor do they provide anything to the island's economy. Rather, they steal money from tourists and other citizens, lowering happiness and crime safety wherever they go.


Tropicans become criminals primarily because there's no other work for them to do. To keep people from turning to crime, make sure you have a large number of farms and other such workplaces available. Enacting a police state on the island will prevent citizens from becoming criminals.

There are several ways of dealing with citizens that have already turned to crime.

  • Ordering your soldiers to simply eliminate criminals is the cheapest and easiest option. However, executions cause a severe drop in respect from the victim's family and any witnesses.
  • As long as you have a free jail cell in a prison or dungeon, you can put out arrest warrants on criminals. After being imprisoned for 5 years, criminals will become normal citizens again. Remember that the arrested criminal's family will still lose respect for you, even though the arrest is justified. Note that Labor Camps in the Vigilante DLC do not rehabilitate prisoners.
  • If you have a Secret Police headquarters, you can arrange for "accidents" to befall criminals. This is the most expensive option and often takes awhile to carry out, but it's the only way to deal with criminals that doesn't upset their families.