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The Creamery is an industrial building in Tropico 5 The Big Cheese DLC.

The Creamery produces cheese from milk. Tropican cheese is reputed to stand alone as the best-tasting cheese in the world. Tropicans are so proud of their cheese that no one will ever eat it. They would rather die of starvation! All produced cheese is for export and to raise Tropico's image in the world.

Cheese has a significantly higher base price than milk (~40%). Also, 1 unit of milk results in 2 units of cheese with the Ripening refrigerators upgrade.

Like chocolate, cheese doesn't count as food in Tropico 5.

Requirements: Electricity, only for the Ripening refrigerators upgrade.

Building Type: Industry buildings

Recommended Manager - Supervisor (Building effectiveness increased by 2 (Max 10).)

Era Unlocked - Colonial Era

Research Required - None


  • Butter Churner: For $500, provides Entertainment for workers in the Creamery by placing butter churners which offers stress relief for the workers in the building.
  • Grand Cheese: (Modern Times) For $2,000, the Creamery increases standing with the Nationalists by 5 (up to 20 from different Creameries) by creating a series of Tropican cheese brands to improve national pride.
  • Ripening refrigerators: (World Wars) For $2,000, you can increase the amount of cheese produced from the same amount of raw resources. Consumes 80 MW.
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