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For buildings of the same name in other Tropico games, see Construction Office.

A Construction Office is an infrastructure building in Tropico 5. It provides additional builders and dispatches them to construction sites. Every island starts with one pre-built Construction Office and can never have any less than that.

Construction offices increase the range which builders will service. Tropico 5 frequently tells you that a new build is too far away from an office or serviceable roads. Placing a Construction office nearby speeds up building, particularly if the player is building a residential or industrial area.

However, the effects can be mitigated or nullified entirely depending on the player's preferences. Building roads mean builders will get to a site and can still build without the office's speed boost. Additionally, any building connected to a road will have a "Quick Build" option - typically the cost equivalent again - to instantly build the building, negating the Construction Office entirely. If the player has more money than patience they can cut out the need for Construction offices entirely by building roads to a site, opting for Quick Builds and removing roads where they are not wanted (e.g. beach hut areas or major beauty spots).

There is one building type that behaves differently; Military Buildings like the Barracks and Towers can be Quick Built during peace and started during combat but will not finish and become available for use until a combat threat has passed. This prevent players from instantly resurrecting destroyed military buildings during combat.


  • Standing Component - none.
  • Pollution - 5 over 19 tiles.


Laying the groundwork is the first and the hardest step. Once they do so, these tired builders take a week off to celebrate and rest. But this is okay as the building will be built in time as the global economy stabilizes.
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