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==== Official Separation ====
==== Official Separation ====
You need a courthouse to use special actions. Their cost is increased by 20%, and this surpluss goes into the Swiss bank account
You need a courthouse to use special actions. Their cost is increased by 20%, and this surplus goes into the Swiss bank account.
==== True Separation ====
==== True Separation ====

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A constitution is an aggregate of fundamental principles or established precedents that constitute the legal basis of a polity, organisation or other type of entity, and commonly determine how that entity is to be governed. In Tropico 6, constitution is represented by 12 main paragraphs with 3 different option each, and give different effect based on what choosed option. For example, having Theocracy in Religion and State paragraph means that workers of religious buildings now sometimes work as policemen, arresting outlaws but decreasing liberty. On the other hand, Atheist State disables ALL religious buildings on the island, but gives 50% efficiency bonus to all scientific and educational buildings.

Constitution is avalible as soon as you declare independence (and win war against the crown, if you started a revolution), but it isn't completely unlocked. There are four paragraphs per era avalible, two of them are initially unlocked and two of them need research.

Constitution paragraphs[1]:

Voting Rights

Requiremnets: none

All Citizens Vote

All adult non-convicted citizens will participate in elections

Open Ballot

All adult non-convicted citizens will participate in elections, but state-employeed people will automatically vote for you. If they have less than 45% approval of you, they will join rebels more often

Wealty Citizens Vote

Only well-off and richer citizen are allowed to vote. Poorer citizens will join rebels more often

Armed Forces

Requirements: none

Pacifist State

Disables all military buildings. Threat of a rebellion is reduced by 75%. +10 bonus to relations to all superpowers


Soldiers don't need education. Every barrack will provide 1 squad of militia

Professional Army

Soldiers need at least high school education. Army's damage is increased by 10%

Religion and State

Requirements: Religion and State research (World wars era)


Religious buildings workers will act as policemen, arresting outlaws. This decreases liberty by 10 and tourism rating by 5.

Secular State

No effect

Atheist State

Disables all religious buildings. +50% efficiency to education and science buildings. Decreases participation of the religious faction[2]

Labour Policy[3]

Requirements: Labour Policy research (World wars era)

A Life's Work[4]

Citizens will start working at 14 years and can't retire. Life expectancy is decreased by 5 years, job satisfaction by 2 and immigration rate by 10%

Happy Childhood

Citizens will start working at 18 years and wil retire at 65

Early Retirement

Citizens will start working at 18 years and wil retire at 60. Job satisfaction is increased by 5


Requirements: Cold war era

Zero Emissions

Industrial buildings have their pollution decreased by 75% and productivity by 10%

Energy Efficiency[5]

Industrial buildings consume 20% less energy, and have their maintenance, pollution and productivity decreased by 5%

Economy First

Industrial buildings have their pollution increased by 50% and productivity by 10%

Separation of Powers[6]

Requirements: Cold war era

No Separation

All special actions cost only 10%. Liberty is decreased by 5

Official Separation

You need a courthouse to use special actions. Their cost is increased by 20%, and this surplus goes into the Swiss bank account.

True Separation

You can't use special actions. Liberty is increaced by 5


Requirements: Migration research (Cold war era)

Best Country on Earth

Citizens can't leave

Free Movement

No effect

Love it or Leave it

Citizens with low approval rate are 50% more likely to leave the island

Media Independence

Requirements: Media independence research (Cold war era)

State-Controlled Media

All biased media has +2% chanse of succesfull propaganda. All media building have -5 liberty penalty

All commercial-orientated media has +100% liberty penalty and profit

Independent Media

No effect

Personal Rights

Requirements: Modern time era

Total Surveillance

If you have ministry of information, all roles and roles change are instantly registrated. -25 liberty, +5 security

Security Surveillance[7]

All police stations will check every worker in it's radius and will have 5% chance to registrate their roles. Liberty is decreased by 5

Open Society

Securitty checkpoints can't register roles change[8]. Liberty is increased by 5


Requirements: Modern time era

Healthcare buildings with high budget won't heal poor people. Their efficiency is increased by 20%

Hybrid System

Wealthy people will recive normal healthcare. Poor people will be treated for free, but will recive only 75% of healthcare satisfaction

Single-Payer System

Healthcare buildings no longer produce profits and will heal everyone[9]

Family rights

Requirements: Family Rights research (Modern time era)

Forced Marriage

All adult people will be instantly married. Housing satisfaction is decreased by 2[10]

Traditional Marriage

No effect

Open Marriage

Allows gay marriage[11]. Liberty is increased by 5 and tourism rating by 2. Relations with religious faction will drop

Global Market Economy

Requirements: Global Market Economy research (Modern time era)


Can't sign trade routes[12].All island goods cost 5% more

Free Trade

No effect

International Trade Partners

Profit from trade routes is increased by 5%. All non-trade-route goods cost 10% less


  1. Not all constitution variants were tested, so mistakes are possible
  2. Your citizens will have very low faith happines. You will need to either be very tough dictator or very kind paternalist to compensate it
  3. Citizens must either work or study at workning age
  4. Never use it if you have high unemployment!
  5. Funnily enough, this policy is sometimes better to economy that "economy first" policy. It works when you have energy-dependent indusrty
  6. This does not affect "bribe" special action
  7. This also affects religious buildings it theocratic state and military buildings when "military police" edict is active
  8. However, they are still functional when they have "Road toll" work mode
  9. Also gives +2% efficiency bonus, but that isn't important
  10. But overall it will increase because married people live together, taking less housing space and thus reducing homelessnes
  11. Which will slightly reduce homelessnes because of family lives together
  12. However, active trade routes won't be cancelled