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The Constitution is a gameplay mechanic in Tropico 5. It is the system of principles on which the laws of a government are based. It is also the fundamental Law that overrides every other legislation carried out by any national legislative body in the event of creation of any law that contradicts said constitution.

The constitution becomes available once Tropico has gained independence and researched the "Constitution" technology. At first, only three constitutional issues are available. However, in each post-colonial era, the island can research a new technology to unlock further issues.

Certain constitution principles will affect faction approval. A list of faction approval ratings can be found here.


"We, the leaders of the Tropican Nation, in our desire to put into words the will of the Tropican people to follow and obey the Laws of the State and mantain the traditional universal Tropican values of liberty, peace, love, understanding, siesta (and hidden Swiss bank accounts), do hereby sign the first legitimate Constitution of Tropico."

Colonial Era Amendments

Voting Rights

  • Wealthy Citizens Vote
Only citizens who are at least rich can participate in elections.
  • Male Citizens Vote
Only male citizens can participate in elections.
  • All Citizens Vote
All citizens, regardless of wealth or sex, can participate in elections.

Religion and State

  • Theocracy
The state officially endorses Christianity - specifically Catholicism - as its faith, making religious structures lower crime like police stations.
  • Secular State
The state allows all expressions of religion alike without endorsement, increasing the island's liberty.
  • Atheist State
The state officially bans all religions, increasing the rate of research by 10% and lowering the membership of the religious faction.

Armed Forces

  • Militia
The nation's armed forces are composed of both official soldiers and reserves of armed civilians, who will form into additional military squads during battles.
  • Conscription
The nation's armed forces are composed of citizens randomly selected for service, making it so soldiers don't need an education.
  • Professional Army
The nation's armed forces are composed of legally recognized career soldiers, who are more effective in battle.

World Wars Amendments

Political Rights

  • Totalitarian State
Elections on the island are unmonitored and blatantly corrupt affairs, tripling the effectiveness of committing election fraud but increasing the number of rebels by 50%.
  • Police State
Elections on the island are routinely influenced by law enforcers ensuring support for the current regime, making it so every police officer "persuades" a single citizen to vote in the dynasty's favor.
  • Democracy
Elections on the island are mandated to be fair, honest, and regularly scheduled, persuading citizens to not resort to violent uprisings.

Labor Policy

  • Workers Paradise
Labor laws are vast and favor workers, allowing citizens to retire a decade earlier, and raising their job satisfaction by 20. This raises corruption by 1.
  • Happy Childhood
Labor laws are standard and balanced, not affecting work force age restrictions or job satisfaction either way.
  • Work For All
Labor laws are few and favor employers, forcing citizens as young as 13 to find work while reducing job satisfaction across the island by 10. This lowers corruption by 1.


  • Immigrants Nation
The nation's borders are open and unguarded, making it easier to immigrate to or emigrate from the island.
  • Visa Program
The nation implements a program to attract skilled workers, making it so only people with at least high school educations can immigrate to the island.
  • Guarded Heaven
The nation's borders are closed off and regulated, making it harder to immigrate to or emigrate from the island.

Cold War Amendments

Personal Rights

  • Total State Control
The nation's constitution specifically denies the personal rights of its citizens, making it cheaper to have them killed or banished.
  • Security Surveillance
The nation's constitution allows for the mass surveillance of its citizens, increasing the discovery rate of special citizens.
  • Open Society
The nation's constitution recognizes the right of citizens to lead free, private lives, increasing liberty but restricting assassinations and banishment to known criminals and rebels only and decreasing the discovery rate of special citizens.

Economy Structure

  • Planned Economy
The nation's economy is run by government experts, granting a bonus to effectiveness to any building with a manager.
  • Plutocracy
The nation's economy is run by a shadowy cabal of business leaders, increasing any sources of Swiss bank revenue by 20%.
  • Free Market
The nation's economy is run by itself with no controls or regulation, increasing the effect of changes to the budgets of buildings.

Media Independence

  • Total Propaganda
The state directly runs all legal news sources and can use them to control dissent, causing protests to happen less frequently but making the media provide less liberty.
  • Subsidized Media
The state funds the media and has a say in what is and isn't reported, making it so journalists convince people to vote for the dynasty but raising the budgets of media buildings.
  • Independent Media
The state grants full journalistic freedom, making the media provide more liberty but encouraging citizens to form protests.

Modern Times Amendments

Digital Rights

  • Total Firewall
The government monitors, regulates, and censors the flow of data to and from the island, making it so less citizens become rebels but slowing research.
  • Fight Piracy
The government tries to find and prosecute people pirating copyrighted data, increasing foreign aid from the USA and EU by 20%.
  • Free Internet
The government doesn't try to stop the free digital exchange of information, increasing research point generation by 15%.


  • Protectionism
The nation cuts its economy off from the rest of the world, raising the price of the island's raw resources by 20%.
  • Strategic Sector
The nation has laws to protect its strongest and most vital industry, raising the price of the island's top export by 20%.
  • Open Borders
The nation's economy is fully integrated with the rest of the world, raising the price of the island's manufactured goods by 10%.


  • Economy First
Industry is unregulated and encouraged to use the most cost-effective means of production, providing a 10 point boost in factory effectiveness but increasing factory-based pollution by 50%.
  • Energy Efficiency
Industry is made eco-friendly only with the goal of cutting energy expenses in mind, reducing the budgets of factories by 20%.
  • Zero Emissions
Industry is highly regulated to minimize harm to the environment, reducing factory-based pollution by 75% and providing a boost in tourism, but causing a 20 point drop in factory effectiveness.

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