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The Conservatives are one of the political factions in Tropico 6. They are some of the latest political groups to gain relevance. As the world and their land change rapidly around them, their goal is to preserve the founding principles of the Tropican state and it's tradition and culture while resisting changes and influences of modern, progressive ideologies of the Intellectuals. Tropico is everything to them.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes: They like tradition - both in terms of buildings and governmental tools. They'll gladly sacrifice personal liberties for security, defense, and keeping the country free from non-Tropican influence.
  • Dislikes: They dislike progressive governmental tools and prefers buildings that provides safety or have a nostalgic touch.

Constitutional Stances


  • Armed Forces: Militia
  • Voting Rights: Open Ballot Elections (if they don't get this, they will force an early election)
  • Religion and State: Freedom of Religion
  • Labor Policy: Early Retirement
  • Separation of Powers: No Separation
  • Media Independence: State-Controlled Media
  • Emigration: Love It Or Leave It
  • Personal Rights: Total Surveillance
  • Healthcare: Hybrid System
  • Marriage Rights: Traditional Marriage
  • Global Market Economy: Protectionism
  • Edicts: Military Police (everyone has a part to play in enforcing law in Tropico, even boys in camo green can help boys in bright blue maintain order), Good Old Days, Contraception Ban (every Tropican has a right to have as many kids as they possibly can), Right To Arms (NRA ultranationalistic gun nuts exist even in Tropico - because everyone has rights to defend their turf anyway they can, and anyway they please - by shooting at anyone that annoys them!), Mandatory Siesta


  • Religion and State: Theocracy
  • Separation of Powers: True Separation
  • Personal Rights: Privacy Rights
  • Marriage Rights: Open Marriage
  • Edicts: Cultural Diversity (those blasted outsiders are stealing jobs from honest, pure-blooded Tropicans!), Policy of Detente (Remember those who has their houses blown up in all that rebel kerfuffle? That's what Truth and Reconcilation Commissions were made to gloss over.), Legalized Substance, Prohibition, Mandatory Waste Sorting, No Free Lunch (it has always been Tropican tradition that all food are paid for by the state, and they don't like it when traditions are changed.)

Preferred Buildings

  • Country House
  • Guard Tower
  • Fort
  • Fire Station (those firehoses are just as useful for crowd suppression as it is for quenching flames)
  • Dungeon
  • Prison
  • Tavern
  • Theater
  • Cabaret
  • Aqua Park
  • Shopping Mall
  • Childhood Museum
  • Mausoleum
  • TV Station
  • Nuclear Program
  • Police Station and Police Blimp
  • Stadium (home of the Tropican baseball team "Sovereigns")
  • Security Checkpoints
  • Immigration Office (ONLY if set on "Tropico First" work mode)


Recall Elections: Forces an early election. Conservative supporters will decrease personal experience of other citizens they meet inside buildings for one year in order to discredit you.