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Comrade Vasquez is a character in Tropico 4, serving as the representative of the Communists.

Perhaps the most sane representative, his demands focus on the well-being of the people of Tropico. He's generally well meaning and isn't corrupt, but he's hampered by blind idealism like his rebel counterpart Marco Moreno. However, he actually tries to calm down Communist rebellions and prevent violence. Comrade Vasquez will provide commentary on any humanitarian edicts El Presidente signs (free housing, healthcare reform).

Tropico 4

Main Campaign

The first appearance of Comrade Vasquez occurs in the Tropico Above All mission. After starting a campaign of breaking world records, Comrade Vasquez notes that the fame will display Communism as a shining example and has a plan for breaking the record for "largest population;" giving all of China Tropican citizenship in exchange for bringing 20 Chinese dissidents to the island.

If the presidente sides with the communists in Bickering Factions, Comrade Vasquez will praise the decision and ask for 30 farmers to start an agrarian economy. If the presidente sides with the capitalists instead, Vasquez will mention how his fellow communists have been angered by the decision and have started bringing rebels to the island. Though clearly sympathetic to his fellows, Vasquez quickly starts reasoning with and calming them.

While Tropico is preparing to host the Olympics in The Olympic Heist, Comrade Vasquez solemnly reports that two Olympic Committee members died of "llama flu" while visiting the island and asks that the presidente take the island's healthcare more seriously by building clinics. Later, while Tropico is attempting to become the best contender for hosting the Olympic Games, Comrade Vasquez says that its the presidente's duty to ensure that every worker in the world is able to see the Olympics by building two TV stations.

After seeing the presidente put so much effort and public funding into finding the missing El Toucan in The Blind Revolution, Comrade Vasquez says that he and his fellows are outraged at the perceived lack of attention given to the island's people. The presidente can placate Vasquez either by building the people a sports complex or spending $10,000 on them. If the presidente declares finding the bird more important than helping people, they'll lose respect for 2 years.

After the presidente takes control of Generalissimo Santana's island in Best Served Cold, Comrade Vasquez notes that Santana used the island's prison to hold political prisoners and suggests that destroying it will win the presidente support among the population, many of whom are still loyal to Santana.

In Forgiveness, Vasquez reminds the presidente that a well-fed working class pays more taxes and asks that the presidente improve Tropico's access to food.

When the presidente begins creating the perfect society in Tropican Utopia, Vasquez expresses pride and applauds the presidente for their work. In particular, if Tropico's housing and healthcare situations become fully under control, Vasquez will be happy enough to reward the presidente with tens of thousands of dollars.

Modern Times Campaign

After the presidente begins building on the highly volcanic Piedra Island in The Shakes, Comrade Vasquez offers $20,000 to hire 12 firemen to ensure that the people are protected against possible fires.

If the presidente chooses to use Tropico's police force in the War on Terror, Comrade Vasquez will say that the only way to fight terror is with terror. To this end, he ask that the presidente allow the police force to randomly arrest and interrogate citizens, establish a Secret Police to conduct investigations, and even turn the island into a police state so that the investigators won't have to worry about their suspects' civil rights.


  • Comrade Vasquez is voiced by Lucas Schuneman, who also provides the voice for Yu Li.
  • He shares his surname with Evita Vasquez, who serves as the communist representative in Tropico 5.
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