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Commandos are a type of military squad in Tropico 5.

They are Tropico's (unofficial) Special Forces, they're well trained, professional, and El Presidente's most loyal soldiers, and will defend the country in the event of an invasion, uprising, rebellion or coup.

They can garrison the Palace (if upgraded from the colonial Elite Infantry) from the World Wars Era onward, making up El Presidente's Personal Death Squad division, and also fill up the Defense HQ as the default garrison from the Cold War Era onward, which can be upgraded into Special Forces.


The effectiveness of Commandos can be increased:

Physical appearance

Commandos wear the following military attire:

  • Helmet (dark gray camo) for men
  • Military cap (dark gray camo) for women
  • Camouflage pattern military uniform (dark gray)
  • Bulletproof vest (dark gray camouflage)
  • Belt (with 2 ammunition pouches)
  • Army boots (black)
  • M16A2 assault rifle


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