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Send commandos on raids to decrease Caribbean happiness, fight guerillas, sabotage superpowers, or send commandos on a heist to steal a landmark. Unique. Decrease liberty in the vicinity.

Commandos have all the advantages of a modern fighting force - airplanes to parachute from, nifty-looking knives, and cool face paint to wear under their balaclava. Invaluable in wartime, though hard to integrate back to civilian society.

"In a hard-hitting expose, Canal Uno exposes the truth about the commandos: they do wear underwear. It is unwise to go to war without it!" - Penultimo on Canal Uno radio

Work Modes

  • Focus on Mission Training: Basic settings.
  • Provide Tactical Insight: Decrease efficiency of the building by 10%. Increase hitpoints of all military squads by 20% on base efficiency.