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Colonial Infantry is a type of military squad in Tropico 5.

These colonial soldiers are Tropico's first effort in raising a professional army to protect its land. They're available since the Colonial Era, and they garrison buildings like the Military Fort and the Guard Tower. In the event of an invasion, coup or riot they will form squads to protect the island.

They are also useful for expeditions to explore the island. From the World Wars Era onward they can be upgraded into more modern Infantry.

Their effectiveness can be increased with the Military Drills and Right To Arms edicts.

Physical Appearance

The Colonial Infantry wear the following military attire:

  • Leather hat (black, 3-pointed)
  • Coat (light green)
  • Vest (white)
  • Trousers (white)
  • White stockings
  • Leather boots
  • Musket
  • Ammunition pouch (x2)


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