College (Tropico 1)


Cost:           $12,000
Requirements:   High School, Electric Power Plant
Upgrades:       NONE
Income From:    NONE
Options:        General Education
                Parochial Education
                Military Education
Staff:          8 College Professors
# of students:  16
Variations:     NONE

General Education   - raise education level normally
Parochial Education - raise education level with an emphasis on the government,
                      but slows down education
Military Education  - raise education level with an emphasis on the military,
                      but slows down education

Tropico Buildings
[[Housing List (Tropico 1)Housing]] [[Apartment (Tropico 1)Apartment]] • [[Bunkhouse (Tropico 1)Bunkhouse]] • [[Condominium (Tropico 1)Condominium]]P • [[Country House (Tropico 1)Country House]] • [[House (Tropico 1)House]] • Luxury House • [[Shack (Tropico 1)Shack]] • [[Tenement (Tropico 1)Tenement]]
Industrial [[Cannery (Tropico 1)Cannery]] • [[Cigar Factory (Tropico 1)Cigar Factory]] • [[Furniture Factory (Tropico 1)Furniture Factory]]P • [[Jewelry Factory (Tropico 1)Jewelry Factory]] • [[Lumber Mill (Tropico 1)Lumber Mill]] • [[Rum Distillery (Tropico 1)Rum Distillery]]
Farms and Mines [[Farm (Tropico 1)Farm]] • [[Fisherman's Wharf (Tropico 1)Fisherman's Wharf]] • [[Logging Camp (Tropico 1)Logging Camp]] • [[Mine (Tropico 1)Mine]] • [[Ranch (Tropico 1)Ranch]]
Tourist Attractions [[Beach Site (Tropico 1)Beach Site]] • Duty Free ShopP • [[Marina (Tropico 1)Marina]]PMiniature GolfPNature PreserveP • [[Pool (Tropico 1)Pool]] • [[Scenic Outlook (Tropico 1)Scenic Outlook]] • [[Souvenir Shop (Tropico 1)Souvenir Shop]] • [[Spa (Tropico 1)Spa]] • Tennis CourtP
Tourist Accommodations [[Beach Villa (Tropico 1)Beach Villa]]P • [[Bungalow (Tropico 1)Bungalow]] • Cheap Motel • [[Hotel (Tropico 1)Hotel]] • [[Luxury Hotel (Tropico 1)Luxury Hotel]]
Entertainment [[Archaeological Site (Tropico 1)Archaeological Site]] • [[Cabaret (Tropico 1)Cabaret]] • [[Casino (Tropico 1)Casino]] • ConservatoryPEl Prez' Childhood HomeP • [[Gourmet Restaurant (Tropico 1)Gourmet Restaurant]] • [[Movie Theater (Tropico 1)Movie Theater]]P • [[Nightclub (Tropico 1)Nightclub]] • [[Pub (Tropico 1)Pub]] • [[Restaurant (Tropico 1)Restaurant]] • [[Sports Complex (Tropico 1)Sports Complex]]
Infrastructure [[Airport (Tropico 1)Airport]] • [[Bank (Tropico 1)Bank]] • [[Construction Office (Tropico 1)Construction Office]] • Electric Power Plant • [[Electric Substation (Tropico 1)Electric Substation]] • [[Palace (Tropico 1)Palace]]U • [[Dock (Tropico 1)Dock]] • Teamster's Office
Government [[Armory (Tropico 1)Armory]] • [[Army Base (Tropico 1)Army Base]]P • [[Diplomatic Ministry (Tropico 1)Diplomatic Ministry]]U • [[Guard Station (Tropico 1)Guard Station]] • [[Immigration Office (Tropico 1)Immigration Office]] • [[Newspaper (Tropico 1)Newspaper]] • [[Police Station (Tropico 1)Police Station]] • [[Prison (Tropico 1)Prison]] • [[Radio Station (Tropico 1)Radio Station]] • [[TV Station (Tropico 1)TV Station]]
Human Services [[Cathedral (Tropico 1)Cathedral]] • [[Church (Tropico 1)Church]] • [[Clinic (Tropico 1)Clinic]] • [[College (Tropico 1)College]] • [[High School (Tropico 1)High School]] • [[Hospital (Tropico 1)Hospital]] • [[Marketplace (Tropico 1)Marketplace]]
Landscape [[Bushes and Shrubs (Tropico 1)Bushes and Shrubs]] • [[Fountain (Tropico 1)Large Fountain]] • [[Fountain (Tropico 1)Small Fountain]] • [[Statue (Tropico 1)Statue]]
P: Requires [[Paradise Island (Tropico 1)Paradise Island]] • U: Unique Building
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