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People's Republic of China is a foreign power in Tropico 5.

China becomes prominent in Modern Times.


  • Voting Rights: All Citizens Vote
  • Religion and State: Atheist State
  • Armed Forces: Conscription
  • Political Rights: Totalitarian State
  • Labor Policy: Work For All
  • Citizenship: Guarded Heaven
  • Personal Rights: Total State Control
  • Economy Structure: Planned Economy
  • Media Independence: Total Propaganda
  • Digital Rights: Total Firewall
  • Globalization: Protectionism
  • Ecology: Economy First


  • Voting Rights: Wealthy Citizens Vote
  • Religion and State: Theocracy
  • Armed Forces: Militia
  • Political Rights: Democracy
  • Labor Policy: Workers Paradise
  • Citizenship: Immigrants Nation
  • Personal Rights: Open Society
  • Economy Structure: Plutocracy
  • Media Independence: Independent Media
  • Digital Rights: Free Internet
  • Globalization: Open Borders
  • Ecology: Zero Emissions
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