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For buildings of the same name in other Tropico games, see Cathedral.

Cathedrals provide high quality Religion to Tropicans; Churches may have less Service Quality, but they will suffice in the beginning of a mission.


Trash but no trash receptacles.

Note: The 'lua' file list 'Safety' as zero which has a slightly noticable effect on crime over a large area once built.

In-Game Text


"This marvelous Cathedral provides a direct link to God, who specifically allowed Tropican priests and bishops to become married. It brings comfort to the souls of rich and poor alike."


"An advanced religious buidling."


Place near a Garage. Since tropicans will travel to whatever service building has an opening with the highest service quality, seldom consider distances, it is best to consider common pathing and avoid traffic jams around economic nerve centers. But, as population increase this may present difficulty so placing them in housing neighborhoods is another thought process since they will enhance the areas via beauty. Tourist won't complain of their presence, either.

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