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Were you looking for the Capitalists from Tropico 5?

Antonio Lopez, the Capitalist representative.

The Capitalists are an internal faction in Tropico 3 and Tropico 4.

Capitalists are concerned with making profits and having a strong economy, especially one based on lucrative industries or tourism. Because the rich are the primary victims of theft, they also place a high value on crime safety.

How you treat your island's Capitalists affects your relations with the US.


  • People who live near the Newspaper(Tropico 3 or 4) where the Financial Times is published will slowly be persuaded to support the Capitalists.
  • People who attend movie theaters(Tropico 3 or 4) where Hollywood classics are screened have a chance of becoming Capitalists.
  • If the nuclear shelter is set to save the rich in the event of a disaster, more people will be persuaded to become Capitalists.




Corruption - Angered over the lack or loss of profits, the Capitalists begin stealing and hoarding the island's income. While this is happening, a percentage of all money made from exports is lost to corrupt capitalists.


  • Ultimately, capitalists care about high profits and low crime while communists care about access to housing, healthcare, and food. Because these two goals don't conflict, citizens can support both factions at the same time.
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