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Business centers are economic buildings in Modern Times (Tropico 4). They're the first step in modernizing an economy from producing resources and manufacturing to providing services. The wages of workers in business centers are set by a third party, based on the average wage, but are subtracted from the treasury.


  • Cubicles: For $3,000, the offices can be fitted with cubicles to pack more employees into less space. This drops the job quality by 10 but doubles the number of employees.
  • Water Coolers: For $7,000, the offices can be fitted with water coolers to provide employees with refreshments and a place to talk. This raises the job quality by 20.

Work Modes

  • Mortgage Company: The company collects mortgage payments, generating money based on the number of families paying rent in the area. Generates a maximum of $1,500 per month.
  • Life-Insurance Company: The company collects insurance payments, generating money based on the number of people living in the area, but losing money when disasters strike. Generates a maximum of $2,000 per month.
  • Advertisement Company: The company produces ads for all forms of media, generating money based on the number of newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations in the area.


Penultimo: There's a new industry in Tropico, people! The Service Industry! Now everyone can work in an office - even illiterates! Thousands of small cubicles, just for you!

Sunny Flowers: Sounds horrible!

Penultimo: Not at all! They even have these fancy machines that dispense water. And wonderful red staplers. If I wasn't full-time employed as a Penultimo, I would've seriously considered a cushy job in a cubicle.

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