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Brunhilde Van Hoof is the representative of the UN in Tropico 4's main campaign. Her appearance is heavily based on Margaret Thatcher.

Despite Margaret Thatcher being the model for the character, the English words spoken by the character are thicker than a British accent, which suggests she mainland European. It is unknown which country, however. She claims to be from a village named "Bad Humperdinksburg", in which case she would likely be German as many communities in Germany use "Bad" in their title. However, the last name of "Van Hoof" suggests Dutch, as "van" is often added to surnames of Dutch families as "von" is in Germany or "de" is in France.

Main Campaign

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If the presidente postpones freeing trapped miners in the It's All Mine mission, Brunhilde will introduce herself and give the island $9,957, saying that the other $20,043 of donation money got lost due to "improperly filed forms."

During Brunhilde's official introduction in the Into the Spotlight mission, she acts quite nicely. She says that the UN is very interested in developing tourism on the island and has granted Tropico a free hotel. She promises both money and fame if the presidente proves their commitment towards tourism. Once convinced, Brunhilde grants the island $10,000 and says it has been ranked the most promising tourist hot spot in the world by the UN. She explains how tourism ratings work and ask that the island achieve a rating of 50. Later on, when the British attempt to expand their colonial tax on the island to take 20% of all tourism profits, she intervenes and manages to convince them to drop the tax all-together for a single payment of $20,000.

All this magnanimous behavior ends in the Tropico Above All mission, when Tropico begins making plans to break world records. Brunhilde takes issue with each record the island attempts to break and asks that the attempts be stopped. When disobeyed, she uses her connections to raise construction costs on the island. She later sends a letter antagonizing the presidente and admitting she doesn't have the authority to stop construction on the island, returning the prices to normal. Ironically, the letter helps Tropico instead of hurting it, as it makes the world aware of Tropico's attempts at breaking world records. It turns out that the nations of the world hate Brunhilde so much that they actually band together to send Tropico $20,000 for going up against her. Once Tropico has achieved enough records, Brunhilde sends an obviously forced note applauding Tropico's efforts at inspiring small nations around the world.

In the Bickering Factions mission she gives the Presidente the other £20,043 plus another £5,000 of the money which was meant to help the rescue in It's All Mine and requests that it be used to help free the miners despite the fact that the miners and the ones which got trapped in Into the Spotlight had already been freed.

In Crisis, Brunhilde warns the presidente that the US has begun constructing missile installations in Europe, threatening the USSR territories. Though she does her best to bring the situation to a stalemate, the US plans to lower the DEFCON by 2 once the bases are completed in 6 months. Wanting to settle the crisis peacefully, she asks that a foreign office be built and tasks the presidente with organizing Pan-Caribbean Summits to help stabilize the region.

When the presidente takes control of Costa Laplata in Operation Endgame, Brunhilde says that she and her UN Inspectors are the real ones in power, thanks to years of corruption. She soon tries to rope the presidente into the affairs by asking them to sell a shipment of iron at half price for "certain purposes better left undisclosed" and give government protection to 4,380 tons of unknown cargo without the US or EU's knowledge. Even when the UN does good things, Brunhilde purposefully blocks, delays, or messes them up, such as waiting till the presidente has only 3 years to construct an Academy of Science in order to qualify for getting college-educated researchers or "somehow" sending the island a large number of violent criminals instead of an aid package. When the presidente fights back against the corruption and manages to get several of her inspectors to leave, she affirms her intent to spread lies about the presidente to keep their reputation down. She later informs the presidente that the island has been chosen to become a nuclear testing site and that, if the presidente gives her a $30,000 donation to her UN election campaign within 2 years, says she'll block the tests from happening. Once all the inspectors have left, Brunhilde will very tersely force herself to congratulate the presidente on completing the program to the UN's satisfaction and will later confess that the presidente was framed for the US presidential assassination using falsified evidence, all of which she covered up.

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Modern Times Campaign

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Brunhilde returns in the State of Emergency mission, during which she monitors the level of fear on the island and putting the data on a "panic meter." Of course, being as corrupt and hateful as ever, she mainly raises the meter based on how much she happens to dislike the presidente at the moment. She also purposefully gives the presidente an "urgent message" from the UN late, saying that the island has only one year to establish a full special committee to investigate the doomsday rumors about the island. During a crime wave, she asks to send 10 criminals to the island, saying that a UN financial aid package "may become lost in the paperwork" if they're not accepted. Later on, she'll schedule a prison ship of 10 convicts to depart for the island without giving the presidente a choice in the matter. The only way to stop the ship is to convince her that the island is experiencing a flu epidemic.

When Dr. Steinschneider begins contacting extremist groups to encourage worldwide paranoia in Keep Calm And Carry On, Brunhilde Van Hoof - speaking on behalf of conservative groups of the US - will say that young people are the source of all the world's problems and asks that five Tropicans under the age of 21 be arrested simply because of their age. Naturally, any order brought about by getting teenagers off the streets is overpowered by the panic the arrests themselves cause.

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