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Bio farms are resource buildings in Modern Times (Tropico 4) that take the place of farms. They take up much more space than old farms do and employ fewer people, but they produce multiple crops at a time at a much higher rate. Depending on the work mode, these farms can create large quantities of either corn, food crops (bananas, pineapples, papayas) or cash crops (tobacco, sugar, coffee). In addition, they also grow corn on the side, regardless of work mode. It is an efficient use of workforce to modernize your island's agriculture with bio farms when they become available, but they place a heavy load on your teamsters, due to the volume of crops they create, so it is ideal to not have too many, either. Like regular farms, these will decrease the beauty around them.

Work Modes

  • Corn: The bio farm produces corn in all its fields.
  • Food Crops: The bio farm grows bananas, papayas, and pineapples.
  • Cash Crops: The bio farm grows coffee, tobacco, and sugar.

Additional Information

The bio farm takes up an area of 6 by 6 grid squares. A central field circle takes up most of this space. The circle is divided into three pie-shaped fields where each type of food or cash crop is grown. The number of and timing of the transformations of each food crop, including corn, is the same as those of the crops grown in normal farms. The special harvest cycle of the papaya in normal farms, however, is calibrated to synchronize with the harvest cycles of the other food crops.

When grown in normal farms, the harvest cycles of all of the cash crops are different, but in bio farms, they are all the same. Tobacco, sugar, and coffee all go through 2 transformations of 3 growth stages, the first lasting for 1 minute and 49 seconds, and the second lasting for 54 seconds, resulting in a 2-minute and 43 second harvest cycle.

At speed 2 on the "Corn" work mode, each field produces 450 corn units in 2 minutes for an average of 675 corn units per minute per bio farm. On the "Food Crops" mode, each field produces 400 crops in 2 minutes for an average of 600 crops per minute per bio farm. On the "Cash Crops" mode, each field produces 435 crops in 2 minutes and 43 seconds for an average of 480 crops per minute per bio farm. The "Food Crops" mode statistics are based on farms on well-balanced growing conditions, the "Cash Crops" mode statistics are based on 3 farms, each on ground that is particularly well-suited for just one of the crops, and both types are calculated to compensate for the job experience modifiers farmers may have, meaning that this is representative of farms with farmers of 0% farming job experience.

The rate at which citizens consume food is calculated at 5 crops per minute (See Farm). Considering that each corn bio farm produces 675 corn crops per minute, we can calculate that each corn farm can sustain 135 citizens. Using the same method, we can calculate that a food farm can sustain 120 citizens.


Sunny Flowers: The new Bio Farm is the place where you can get REAL organic food... Just another spoonful, Penultimo...

Penultimo: Sunny! Please stop! No more...

Sunny Flowers: --REAL organic food, with the essence of food and the blessings of Gaia... DON'T SPIT!

Penultimo: Help! People, help!

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