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For buildings of the same name in other Tropico games, see Bank.

Banks are buildings in Tropico 5. Banks generate interest on money in the treasury.


Build multiple Banks (Max 4). Each bank will generate money on the treasury. Banks also employ citizens that can be paid at Filthy Rich levels (that is a good thing in the game). The more money you have floating around in the economy the better it is for the island overall. Filthy rich citizens can spend more on better housing and for entertainment.

You don't have to rush to build these buildings, but 1 for each new era should be fine and once tourists come to your island the tourism upgrade is awesome as passive income.

Spoiler Alert

You will receive a mission from Veronica Veneno to build multiple banks. This will eventually backfire but don't let it discourage you; with proper handling this should be an easy hiccup to overcome and your banks will still make you additional money.


Travel Insurances: The Bank generates revenue for each tourist on the island. Cost: $7,000.

Slush Fund: Activate to siphon part of the treasury to your Swiss Bank Account each month. The Bank will no longer provide interest on the treasury. Can be switched off.

Standing effect

Capitalists: +10

Communists: -10

Additional information

Interest generates by 0.9% rate on money in the treasury, but not more than $900 (is reached at $100,000). The only way to increase profit is raising effectiveness of building. In maximum budget (125% effectiveness) the profit is $1,125.

Slush Fund generates by 0.5% rate on money in the treasury, but not more than $500 (is reached at $100,000) and $625 in maximum budget.

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