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For generic mission description, See Missions_(Tropico_3)#Freedom.
Not all choices where explored; missing messages possible. Conditional messages listed may not be your experience.
Earthquakes or Hurricanes happen January of 1954, 64 and 70. Economic Crisis, Llama Flu and various rebel activities may occur on a more random-ish timeframe.

Messages 1950-53
T3-Fr50-1.jpg T3-Fr50-12.jpg
T3-Fr52-8.jpg T3-Fr53-2.jpg
Messages 1953-58
T3-Fr53-5.jpg T3-Fr54-5.jpg
T3-Fr55-2.jpg T3-Fr58-6.jpg
Messages 1961-69
T3-Fr61-4.jpg T3-Fr62-10.jpg
T3-Fr67-7.jpg T3-Fr69-10.jpg
Messages 1971-74
T3-Fr71-10.jpg T3-Fr72-2.jpg
T3-Fr73-3.jpg T3-Fr74-8.jpg
Messages 1974-87
T3-Fr74-9.jpg T3-Fr77-1.jpg
T3-Fr82-3.jpg T3-Fr87-5.jpg