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For articles of the same name in other Tropico games, see Background.

Backgrounds describe what El Presidente did before coming to power. All backgrounds give different advantages, though some of them come with downsides as well.


Biblical Scholar

After translating the Bible into 40 different languages, including Urdu and Swahili, you accidentally discovered a secret code in the Holy Book, which gives answers to all possible questions. How blessed you are!

Booze Baron

You were part of Al Capone's gang before your boss got busted for tax evasion. Following the big man's example, you established yourself as a bootlegger during the dry years. Now, having made Tropico your new base of operations, you crave a second Prohibition that would make you Capo di tutti capi.

Born In The Purple

The legend goes that when you were born, someone accidentally pinched you with a needle and blue blood poured out of those sweet, little aristocratic veins of yours. Your nanny tells a different version of the story altogether. Apparently, the first thing you did when coming out of mommy's womb was to royally wet yourself. The diapers they put you in released certain chemicals and everything got colored with a purplish tinge. So you were literally born in the purple.

  • +25 Respect with the Loyalists
  • Palace starts with all three upgrades automatically.
  • Incompatible with: the Hardworking trait.

Chief of Police

You come from a long family line of police officers. After spending most of your conscious life writing parking tickets, your superiors got so sick of you, that they made you chief of police. Eating all those donuts finally paid off.

  • +10 Respect with the Militarists
  • -10% Liberty
  • -40% Crime


Bigger, better, faster! You're so overeager to build more and expand your island's infrastructure, that you always forget the damage your unhealthy, grandiose ambitions cause to the Environment of Tropico.


You call your crops "my little babies" and spend hours reciting Haiku to the sheep. After all, a good farmer is nothing more or less than a handyman with a sense of humor.

Fortunate Son

Your daddy was obscenely rich and President of the country before you. Now all you can do is follow in his footsteps and be remembered simply as Junior. Strangely, only the Intellectuals seem to remember that you weren't exactly the brightest bulb in the tanning bed.


When you were a kid, you used to lead your own street gang. Now you lead an entire army, capable of overthrowing a democratic government or two.

Harvard U.

After you graduated from Harvard University, you considered running for the office of US President. Instead, all you got was some small, backwater Caribbean country. If it's any consolation - your knowledge, skills and even your American English were far superior to your classmates. They all became Presidents of the US.

Leftist Author

Your fervent Utopian writings gave the Communist movement the perfect excuse to create a dystopian society. And all you wanted was to make the world a better place. But you already know what people say about good intentions...

Man Of The People

After a serious image makeover and millions spent on PR-campaigns, you were finally ready to be unleashed upon the crowds as a "man of the people". All you had to do was pose as an average Joe, emphasize your humble origins, speak simply and not mince words. It did the trick.


You sleep in a makeshift hole with a pickaxe under your pillow and you're more sensitive to sunlight exposure than a vampire. If that's not enough - you ordered your presidential car remodeled so that it resembles a mine cart.

Moscow U.

You fondly remember your time at Moscow's 'Lomonosov State University' when you used to sneak out to the backyard with the other students to sip some home-brewed vodka, smoke cheap hand-rolled cigarettes and praise Mother Russia for all the liberties and equality she brought to mankind.


You are a natural-born hippie. You founded the first nudist colony on Tropico and always wear brightly colored clothes with flowery motifs. Your open-minded, nature-loving persona is adored among liberals. Everyone else considers you an eccentric nut.

Oil Tycoon

Your mother used to breastfeed you unprocessed petroleum and your childhood playground was a huge oil derrick. Now, years later, you sport a cowboy hat, fat cigar, unpleasant white-toothed grin and a heavy Texan accent. Your favorite word is "nuc-u-lar" and your favorite show on TV is "Dallas", because J.R. is in it.

Pop Singer

Your smash hit "Carmencita Bonita" was Number One on Tropico's charts for almost 14 months. That was 40 years ago. Now your so called “fans” are a bunch of grannies who haven't been struck down by dementia and fondly remember you from their youth. Still, a musical fossil like you is always amusing to the ignorant tourists.

  • +5 Respect with all factions
  • +10 US Relations
  • +10% Tourism Rating
  • +30 Night Club(Tropico 3 and 4) Service Quality


When you were young, female students flocked to your lectures just to admire your charming smile. Later, you wrote some dull, incomprehensible scientific texts - so excruciatingly boring and pretentious, that the sleeping pill became obsolete.

  • +20 Respect with the Intellectuals
  • +50% faster education and skill training

Secret Agent

You like your martinis shaken, not stirred. When introducing yourself, you always start with your family name. You have a triple 0 status - which is new even to her majesty. And you managed to impress every single woman on Tropico - especially an elderly American lady who thought you were kind of amusing, because she mistook you for an Elvis impersonator.

  • +100% Secret Agent experience
  • Secret agents are more effective
  • +10% Respect from all women
  • Incompatible with: the Coward trait.

Self-Made Man

You came from humble beginnings and rose from rags to riches through hard work, climbing the social ladder in pursuit of the American Dream. You take special pride in the fact that you have achieved everything on your own, without any outside assistance.

  • +10 Respect with the Capitalists
  • +10 US Relations
  • +15% Factory Worker Production
  • Incompatible with: the Heir Apparent rise to power.

Silver Spoon

You come from a wealthy family of Industrialists and that is your one and only "achievement". Your parents pampered you so much that once, when you saw a beggar on the street, you scolded him for "masquerading" and asked him to dress up more properly.

  • -10 Respect with the Communists
  • +25 Respect with the Capitalists
  • +10% Tourism Rating
  • +10% Factory Worker Production
  • +$2,000 in the treasury at the start of the game

Travel Agent

When you used to work as a travel agent, you became notorious for the so-called "Last Resort scandal". You sent some people on vacation to the jungle, and they were all eaten by a tribe of savage cannibals. Now as the man in charge, you've got some great plans for Tropico's tourist industry.

  • +20% Tourism Rating
  • +10 Attractions and Entertainment Service Quality

War Hero

As a young lad, you distinguished yourself on the battlefield when a bullet smashed your left ear and your right middle finger at the same time. Now your favorite pastime is annoying your grandchildren to death with your countless military exploits.

  • +5 Respect with all factions
  • +20 Respect with the Nationalists
  • The presidente performs better in combat