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Backgrounds describe what the Pirate King (and Captains) did before coming to power. All backgrounds give different advantages, though some of them come with downsides as well.


Always a Pirate

From your youth, you were always a pirate. Other pirates and potential pirates like you. This Recruiter ability gives you double the normal chances of recruiting new pirates on all cruises you dispatch.

  • Recruit capt. cost x1.5
  • Pirates +20%

Decayed Gentleman

Once you had a valuable estate. No more. But the ruling class of the greatest powers respects you more than other pirates and your relationships are more friendly. Also, captives on the island respect you making Order on your island 30% higher.

  • Bonus Skilled Trader 1
  • Order +33%
  • England Relations +100
  • France Relations +100
  • Spain Relations +100

Experienced Gambler

Games of chance are your forte, and you know all about gaining more for the House. Your expertise permits you to build Gambling Dens and Casinos for half price. Also, the maintenance for these structures is lower than normal which increases your profits.

  • Casino Half-price
  • Gambling Den Half-price
  • Casino Maintenance-free
  • Gambling Den Maintenance-free
  • Incompatible with: Lucky With Cards

Master Gunner

You had a career in the navy as a master gunner. You know all about big guns. Not only can you construct a gunnery school for half price, but all the pirates on your island at the start of the game have higher skills in gunnery.

Once a Captain

Your past career as a ship's captain taught you how to manage a balky crew and instill discipline. Order on your island is 30% greater. As a Captain, you recruit new pirate captains for half price. Unfortunately, your authoritarian methods reduce the number of new pirate recruits you receive.

  • Recruit capt. half-price
  • Pirates -10%
  • Order +33%

Once a Mutineer

It's a dirty secret, but once you were a Mutineer. Now it costs you twice as much gold to recruit new captains. However, you freedom-loving ways increase Anarchy on your island by 33%. Also, common sailors trust you so you enjoy greater chances of recruiting new pirates.

  • Recruit capt. cost x1.25
  • Pirates +10%
  • Fear +19%
  • Order -19%


It's a service in demand since the dawn of time. If you hadn't catered to your customers' needs someone else would. Your expertise permits you to recruit two skilled wenches and one courtesan for your island. Brothels may be constructed for half price.


Before you became a pirate, you designed and built ships and managed a shipyard. Your expertise allows you to construct shipyards for less gold. Furthermore, you have already recruited two skilled shipwrights on the island.

Sugar Planter

You owned and operated your own plantation and came to know quite a bit about sugar and rum. You've managed to train a skilled farmer and a skilled distiller on your island, and you construct distilleries for half price.

Tobacco Planter

You owned and operated your own plantation and came to know quite a bit about tobacco and cigars. You've managed to train a skilled farmer and a skilled tobacconist on your island, and you construct tobacconist shops for half price.

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