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Automated Mines are raw resource buildings in Tropico 5. Automated Mines are faster at gathering resources than mines at the cost of being more expensive to maintain. Mines can be upgraded into Automated Mines or Automated Mines can be built from the raw resource build menu.

Requirements: Must be constructed over mining deposits.

Building Type: Raw Resources

Recommended Manager: Magnate

Era Unlocked - Cold War

Research Required - The Shovel, The Peaceful Atom (for Uranium).


  • Rockbreaker: For $3,500, You can increase the available amount of resources in the deposit by 20,000 units.
  • Chemical Extractor: For $3,000, a bauxite mine can be made to use hazardous chemicals to extract bauxite, increasing its effectiveness by 30 but decreasing the mine's job quality by 10.
  • Coal Preparation Plant: For $2,800, a coal mine can build a facility to wash and sort coal before its transported, increasing the number of workers by 3 and the mine's effectiveness by 30.
  • Dangerous Waste Disposal: For $2,750, a uranium mine can afford to properly dispose of radioactive waste created in the mining process, reducing the pollution they cause to a level comparable to other types of mines.
  • Heavy Crusher: For $2,500, an iron mine can be equipped with machinery to grind apart large rocks, increasing its effectiveness by 30 but decreasing the mine's job quality by 10.
  • Water Cannons: For $3,200, a gold mine can be equipped with high-pressure water jets to strip sediment away into a slurry, increasing its effectiveness by 20 but increasing the mine's pollution by 30%.


  1. Teamsters have a hard time keeping up with Automated Mines.
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