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For buildings of the same name in other Tropico games, see Apartment.

Apartments are residential buildings in Tropico 5.

They are first made available to players in the Cold War era as an improved alternative to the Tenements building for housing. The apartment building is the only housing which benefits from being near a road, encouraging them to be built at busy street corners in the city.


  • Tight Quarters: Allows 4 additional families to squeeze into the building by making the rooms much smaller, further decreasing the building's housing quality.
  • Building Models: Before building an Apartment players can choose four variants of the apartment building by selecting "next" or "previous". This is purely aesthetic and does not impact it's capacity.


  • Electrification- For $1,000 the Apartment can be supplied with electricity, allowing families to install lighting, starts consuming 20 MW of power but increasing housing quality by 15.
  • Modernize- For $5,400 the Apartment can be upgraded to a Modern Apartment.
  • Modernize All- For $5,400 (per Apartment) all the Apartments on the island will be upgraded into Modern Apartments.


  • Menu Text: Provides housing for 10 families. Housing Quality is increased if placed next to a road.
  • Description: Apartment complexes offer a decent, albeit not luxurious, standard of living are a definite improvement over the crowded tenements. Families living in apartments are often able to afford their own cars and the proximity to the island's road network is a plus.
  • Base Housing Quality: 60
  • Tight Quarters Upgrade Housing Quality: -10
  • Crime: +7
  • Beauty +25
  • Pollution: Radius 10 tiles


Variant 1
Variant 2


  • The Apartment is built in the Miami Modern architecture style.
  • It is one of only 4 buildings in Tropico 5 that can change its aesthetic.
  • When upgrading the Apartment to a Modern Apartment it will keep its aesthetic change.
  • Lulu the radio host will comment on the apartments cramped space the first time you build one.
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