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Antonio Lopez is a character in Tropico 4, serving as the representative of the Capitalists. In addition to this, he provides El Presidente with general economic advice.

He is a greedy entrepreneur who doesn't hesitate to make a quick buck off anything or a discount of dubious ethics. He often provides the voice-over for commercials on the radio, in which he advertises new products and services, including selling weapons to the island's rebels. He also seems to be obsessed with charts, mentioning them frequently throughout his commentary.

Tropico 4

Main Campaign

Antonio Lopez introduces himself in the Rise to Power mission. After seeing the presidente build corn farms, he points out that corn doesn't sell for much and suggests planting and selling tobacco on the side.

While the presidente is attempting to become famous in the Into the Spotlight mission, Antonio mentions that some people are famous just for being rich. He "takes the liberty of checking El Presidente's Swiss Bank Account" and remarks that the presidente should increase their personal wealth to help their fame. Later, he suggests building a TV station to run a PR campaign and deliberately causing hyperinflation as a publicity stunt.

After Tropico starts a campaign of breaking world records in the Tropico Above All mission, Antonio Lopez immediately thinks of making Tropico the world's richest country. To do this, he's spoken with corrupt bureaucrats in Europe, who have agreed to send all European money to a pair of banks in Tropico to avoid taxes.

If the presidente sides with the capitalists in Bickering Factions, Antonio will praise the decision and ask for a tourist dock and 3 hotels or motels to be built to base the economy on lucrative tourism instead of "shrubs on dirt farms." If the presidente sides with the communists instead, Antonio will mention how his fellow capitalists have been angered by the decision and have started pocketing money made from exports. Though clearly sympathetic to his fellows, Antonio quickly begins reasoning with and calming them.

In Crisis, Antonio seeks to profit from the uncertainty of the Cold War. He asks that Tropico save up $30,000 and invest in a weapons factory to give the island a strong economy. Once completed, he comes up with (mostly very unethical) opportunities to make money; a "somewhat illegal" deal involving exporting 500 units of iron to an anonymous group of people that the US doesn't approve of, building a chemical plant to develop and sell UN-banned biological weapons, building an Academy of Science to modernize Tropico's weaponry, and building 2 more weapon factories to dominate the market.

In Fruity Business, he informs the presidente of a USSR exchange program involving trading 500 units of spiced rum for a free Soviet factory. He also urges building a nuclear power plant after seeing a neighboring island's economy skyrocket after building one.

In the The Olympic Heist, Antonio approves of the presidente's plan to host the Olympics but warns that hotels should be built for all the people who will be coming to the island first. While Tropico is attempting to get the best contender for hosting the games, Antonio says that the nation's ranking can be improved by building an airport to bring the people in, a shopping mall to allow them to shop while on the island, and a Skyscraper Hotel to house celebrities and other VIPs. When Keith Preston spreads lies to the tabloids to ruin Tropico's tourism industry, Antonio suggests hosting the Pan-Caribbean Games to reinvigorate tourism and improve the island's chances for the Olympics nomination. Finally, he suggests building three sports complexes on the island to prove to the world that Tropico dreams big.

In The Blind Revolution, Antonio asks that the presidente build an array of radar dishes to corner the Caribbean's covert communication market. Once the dishes are built, Antonio will report that an anonymous foreign intelligence service has offered $20,000 or one free building in exchange for some encrypted pieces of data. Finally, he'll suggest building a TV station to complete Tropico's media network.

After the presidente builds condominiums to sway the population of Puerto Gato to support them in Best Served Cold, Antonio suggests they go one step further and build some mansions.

When the presidente takes control of the heavily corrupt Costa Laplata in Operation Endgame, Antonio remarks that the UN inspectors stealing the island's money are ruining the economy and asks that the presidente swamp the island with exports to give them less opportunity to steal treasury funds. He later gets a call from the UN Economy Inspector saying that the Tropican Dollar is overvalued and is causing a liquidity crisis. He wants the presidente to either take the blame for printing more bills to fix the crisis or allow him to use "other means" of getting the money, thus furthering the island's corruption.

In Forgiveness, Antonio points out that investors are "crazy about everything organic" and suggests building farms to capitalize on this. He later comments that the presidente is working too hard and suggests improving the island's entertainment venues to throw parties.

When the presidente begins creating the perfect society in Tropican Utopia, Antonio is quick to make sure it becomes a prosperous and profitable one, especially for him. He asks that the presidente increase Tropico's exports, import a large amount of luxury goods for sale, ensure that people have good jobs, and grant the citizens a tax cut. He provides a very large cash incentive to the presidente if any of these goals are met.

Modern Times Campaign

During the panic of the State of Emergency mission, Antonio presents his plans for building a new supermarket on the island to help alleviate fears over famine. However, money being what he cares about most, he later presents a plan to capitalize on the islanders' fears by selling tinfoil hats. When the world experiences a financial collapse, he suggests building a strong national economy to ride out the instability and become the "Switzerland of the Caribbean."

When the island is suffering a disease outbreak during The Hiccups, he informs the presidente that foreign merchants refuse to buy Tropican food at full price out of fear of catching the disease themselves, lowering the price of all food by 20%. He suggests focusing on industrial goods to lessen the effects that the forced discount will have on the economy.

In The Shakes, Antonio uses his contacts to find Tropico investors willing to jumpstart the economy. Later on, he asks to build a TV Station so that journalists can televise the frequent devastation that occurs on the island, in order to guilt rich foreigners into sending Tropico aid money. Once the station is built, he begins asking to allow Dr. Steinschneider to trigger small earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. This can be done multiple times in order to gain disaster aid money.

When Dr. Steinschneider begins contacting extremist groups to encourage worldwide paranoia in Keep Calm And Carry On, Antonio Lopez - speaking on behalf of the "Hot Beverage Party of America" - says that he and his group want bad things to happen to the Communists. And money. At first they ask for communists to be arrested (and a tax cut) but they later regard this as "feeble efforts" and ask for communists to start being killed outright (and another tax cut). The draconian actions taken against the island's communists naturally brings more chaos into the world. Later on, when Dr. Steinschneider begins building a goat-powered mind control device to counteract the effects of the Conclave's sheep-powered one, the doctor claims that rebels work just as good as goats. To this end, Antonio offers to "sell" the island 4 rebels for $2255.


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