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Angry Mobs are common citizens, like doctors, teamsters, dock workers, teachers, clerks and the like, that are sick and tired of the Tropican totalitarian regime, and take matters into their own hands to see an end to it. They usually target certain military buildings like Guard Towers and Police Stations before storming the Palace to lynch El Presidente.

These rioters usually rise from the World Wars Era onward, and when the Constitution principle of Political Rights is set to "Totalitarian State" or "Police State" and social unrest is very high.

They can also appear in Colonial Times, but only a handful of angry settlers will create a ruckus only once if the governor refuses to insult the King.


  • The marking of an Angry Mob Squad is the same as the Militia Squad: 2 axes making an 'x'.
  • The Militia Squad and the Angry Mob Squad have many similarities: The marking, the same number of people, they're both made up of citizens, they both have the same number of attack and health, and they only show up to a certain Constitution principal.
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