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Provides fun for tourists. Preferred by backpacker and cultural tourists. Visitors must be at least well-off. Ancient Ruins can only be built on existing undeveloped ancient ruins sites. Note that not every map has undeveloped ancient ruins sites.

Work Modes

  1. Almost Pristine: Basic settings
  2. Theme Park Exploits: Preferred by relaxation, thrill-seeking, and child tourists. The base fee is increased by 100%. Increase base service quality by 20. Adds 2 job positions
  3. Archeological Digging Site: Not preferred by any tourists. Base fee is increased by 300% and visitors must be filthy-rich. Base wage in increased by $3. Workers requires college education. Visitor slots decreased to 3 per employed worker. This building generates knownledge points.
  4. Unofficial Scavenging Site: Building has no visitor slots. Base wage is increased by 200%. This building decreases crime safety nearby by 30. This building generates money for your Swiss Bank Account.

Maps where you can build Ancient Ruins

  • TBA