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Ambassador Crane is a character in Tropico 4, serving as the ambassador of the US.

He is shown to be a very cynical man who's dismissive of Tropico as a nation, mainly wanting relations with it in order to demand money in the form of a "freedom tax." He talks in a coercive and imperialistic way, making veiled threats that the US will bomb Tropico if his "requests" aren't met, however these threats have no real merit to them. He regularly refers to El Presidente as "President" rather than "Presidente", as others normally would. He will also mention that "the good, God-fearing people of the United States" buy products made in Tropico. His does not research the popularity, simply remarking "I don't know why and I don't care. All I do know is that you are going to send us more of them."

During an interview with Sunny Flowers, she asks Ambassador Crane what is his favorite animal, to which he answers that he admires the Tropican llama, because their mean disposition and habit of spitting on people reminds him of his mother. He also mentions that he enjoys sailing, and it is indicated he is married.

Tropico 4

Main Campaign

Ambassador Crane makes his first official appearance in the Into the Spotlight mission. When the presidente hosts a meeting involving several notable political figures - including rebel leader Marco Moreno - Crane offers the presidente money in exchange for helping the CIA apprehend Moreno for suspected terrorist activities.

Once Tropico becomes a European colony in Independence Day, Crane will congratulate the island on becoming part of the democratic world and mention that the USSR, China, and the Middle East all protested against the colonial process. Once the USSR condemns the US and EU as imperialists for exploiting the island, Crane will say that the US always knew it was a bad idea to include the island in international affairs. To show that the western world isn't all about exploitation, he offers to wire $20,000 to the island. He knowingly mentions that the US will be angry if the presidente just steals the money for themselves, so he advises them to "only steal some of it."

Modern Times Campaign

After Penultimo erroneously blames the USSR on kidnapping him in The Truth is Out There, he remembers that he saw a letter with the initials "CIA" on it while captive and suggests building radar dishes to spy on CIA transmissions. Once built, several agents of the CIA visit Crane with suspicions about the dishes, but he tells them it's a misunderstanding. In return for the favor, he asks that the presidente buy him a luxury liner.

In Keep Calm And Carry On, Ambassador Crane says that the threat of World War 3 has convinced many Americans to start building fallout shelters and stock up on provisions, causing a shortage of canned goods. He offers the presidente $10,000 in Swiss bank funds to send 500 units of canned goods to the states. Later in the mission, when the world is shaken by the chaos the presidente has caused, Ambassador Crane returns, acting uncharacteristically friendly towards the presidente. He says that the US - with the help of Dr. Steinschneider - has been building a sheep-powered mind control device to calm the world down and asks for a group of the presidente's loyalists to come to the US to be used in place of actual sheep in exchange for $30,000 in Swiss bank funds. Unfortunately, this Crane turns out to be a robotic double, planted by the Conclave in order to steal the mind control device to take over the world, despite the presidente's attempts to thwart them.

After Tropico joins the global War on Terror, Ambassador Crane welcomes the nation and sends $30,000, mere "pennies from our War Effort Fund." However, he makes it clear that he wants results. If Tropico obtains any clues to the identity of the terrorist commander yet doesn't immediate detain someone, Crane will report that the US has cut all foreign aid to Tropico over its perceived lack of effort. Later on, when Donald Pynch's media empire begin branding El Diablo a terrorist, he reports that the governments of the world have decided to impose a total embargo on Tropico if he's not arrested within 2 years.


  • His appearance is based on thw late CIA officer, David Atlee Phillips. Phillips was regularly connected to conspiracy theories that the CIA was behind the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


  1. Crane cited several times the United States Senate's will, like he's probably a senator himself
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