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The aircraft carrier is a military building in Tropico 5. Once purchased, the carrier allows bombing runs to be performed in combat. This building, along with the Nuclear Submarine, conform all the Navy Tropico has to offer.


  • Fire at Will: Allows pilots to fire missiles even if doing so would harm buildings and civilians.


  • Smart Bombs: For $5,000, the aircraft can be equipped with more precise guided missiles, increasing the damage each run does to enemy units while decreasing collateral damage.


  • The budget for the Aircraft Carrier is very important. Although the carrier does not use any workers, a higher budget makes the aircraft hit enemy squads more often and it takes less time to bomb. A lower budget makes the aircraft hit other enemy squads less often and it takes longer to bomb.
  • The aircraft (along with the Palace Squad) never start a Military Coup, or take part in a Military Coup. They fight the traitor squads.
  • Although it's not classified as a unique building, only one can be placed per island.
  • In the Tropico 5 Start Screen, one of the previews show 4 aircraft in the carrier itself. However, in the actual game, there are only 2 aircraft.
  • In typical tropican fashion, the Aircraft Carrier is a mix of technologies, being a small American Nimitz Class carrier with two soviet MiG-21 jets.


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