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The Academy of Science is an education building in Tropico 4. Unlike the other education buildings, the Academy isn't a learning institute but focuses on pure research, making employment in it highly sought after by professors.

Access to the Academy's advanced research is a requirement for horticulture stations developing genetically modified crops.


The basic task of the Academy is creating a perfect clone of the presidente. Developing this clone takes some time, which depends on the skill of the Academy's professors. Once the clone is created, it'll walk out of the Academy and begin automatically interacting with the island like the real presidente. In the case of a rebel attack or an assassination attempt, it's likely that the clone will be the one targeted, saving the real presidente's life.

Clones can be recognized by the eye-like symbol floating above their head.

Work Modes

  • Theoretical Research: The Academy's professors focus purely on their own research agendas. This is the default work mode which doesn't boost maintenance costs but also doesn't give any new benefits.
  • Educational Standards: The Academy lowers the educational intensity of Tropico's schools, picking up the slack itself. This doubles the Academy's upkeep but permits people with low intelligences to earn High School and College degrees, allowing them to fill up jobs that they otherwise wouldn't qualify for. The downside to this is that, because of their poor intelligences, they take longer to educate and learn their jobs at a slower pace than normal graduates.
  • Research Grants: The Academy focuses on raking in grant money to develop new technologies. This doubles the Academy's upkeep but decreases blueprint costs as time goes on to a maximum of 50%.
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