This is an incomplete list of quotes that appear on loading screens in Tropico 3 and Tropico 4.


"If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?" Abraham Lincoln

"So long as men worship dictators, Caesars and Napoleons will arise to make them miserable." Aldous Huxley

"Revolution, n. In politics, an abrupt change in the form of misgovernment." Ambrose Bierce

"Every country gets the Government it deserves." Aristotle

"The great thing about Democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid." Art Spander

"It is better to own 10% of an elephant than 100% of a rat." Arthur Mutambara

"Every nation ridicules other nations, and all are right." Arthur Schopenhauer

"I was only an aspiring dictator. I was never a real dictator." Augusto Pinochet

"I'm looking at them from above, because God put me here." Augusto Pinochet

"My face is sour. Maybe that's why they say I'm a dictator." Augusto Pinochet

"Not a single leaf moves in this country if I'm not the one moving it. I want that to be clear!" Augusto Pinochet

"The truth is that men are tired of liberty." Benito Mussolini

"My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me." Benjamin Disraeli

"Now I know what a statesman is; he's a dead politician. We need more statesmen." Bob Edwards

"Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it's set a rolling it must increase." Charles Caleb Colton

"I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians." Charles DeGaulle

"I remain just one thing, and one thing only - and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician." Charlie Chaplin

"One murder makes a villain, millions a hero. Numbers sanctify, my good fellow." Charlie Chaplin

"Democracy is not compatible with financial oligarchy." Che Guevara

"I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves." Che Guevara

"I am not Christ or a philanthropist, old lady, I am all the contrary of a Christ..." Che Guevara

"I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man." Che Guevara

"In a revolution one wins or dies, if it is a real one." Che Guevara

"To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary. These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail." Che Guevara

"Peaceful coexistence cannot be limited to the powerful countries if we want to ensure world peace." Che Guevara

"Government is too big and too important to be left to the politicians." Chester Bowles

"Politics is made up largely of irrelevancies." Dalton Camp

"If you are not criticized, you may not be doing much." Donald H. Rumsfeld

"Take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves." Dorothy Parker

"Any man who wants to be president is either an egomaniac or crazy." Dwight Eisenhower

"Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half the time." E. B. White

"The public will believe anything, so long as it is not founded the truth." Edith Sitwell

"Land and Liberty!" Emiliano Zapata

"Neither an ox nor a donkey is able to stop the progress of Socialism." Erich Honecker

"Answer violence with violence. If one of us falls today, five of them must fall tomorrow." Evita Peron

"One cannot accomplish anything without fanaticism." Evita Peron

"Where there is worker, there lies a nation" Evita Peron

"Of what good is Democracy if it is not for the poor?" Ferdinand Marcos

"Condemn me, it does not matter; history will absolve me." Fidel Castro

"Ideas do not need weapons." Fidel Castro

"If Mr. Kennedy does not like Socialism, we do not like imperialism. We do not like Capitalism." Fidel Castro

"If surviving assassination attempts was an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal" Fidel Castro

"They talk about the failure of Socialism, but where is the success of Capitalism in Africa, Asia and Latin America?" Fidel Castro

"This country is heaven, in the spiritual sense of the word. And I say, we prefer to die in heaven than survive in hell." Fidel Castro

"I don't have to be nice to people who are causing great damage to the nation..." Frank Bainimarama

"Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything." Frank Dane

"We'd all like to vote for the best man, but he's never a candidate." Frank Hubbard

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, it was planned that way." Franklin D. Roosevelt

"Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy." Franz Kafka

"The truth is more important than the facts." Frank Lloyd Wright

"Idealism is fine, but as it approaches reality the cost becomes prohibitive." George F. Will

"One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes a revolution in order to establish a dictatorship." George Orwell

"A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there's no question about it." George W. Bush

"It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours." Harry S. Truman

"When you have an efficient government, you have a dictatorship." Harry S. Truman

"Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk." Henry David Thoreau

"I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people." Henry Kissinger

"Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation." Henry Kissinger

"There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full." Henry Kissinger

"I have said it already; I am convinced that the way to build a new and better world is not Capitalism. Capitalism leads us straight to hell." Hugo Chavez

"The day before yesterday I thought I was going to have to go to the extreme of decreeing a national emergency, but today I don't think I will have to." Hugo Chavez

"The problem with political jokes is they get elected." Henry Cate VII

"Sometimes people mistake the way I talk for what I am thinking." Idi Amin

"I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty." Imelda Marcos

"Win or lose, we go shopping after the election." Imelda Marcos

"Great causes and little men go ill together." Jawaharlal Nehru

"The international community wants us to accept a proposal that, if we were to accept, would mean the end to the opposition." Jean-Bertrand Aristide

"Thirty-two coups d'Etats are enough." Jean-Bertrand Aristide

"Fear is the foundation of most governments." John Adams

"The happiness of society is the end of government." John Adams

"Justice is incidental to law and order." J. Edgar Hoover

"We are a fact-gathering organization only. We don't clear anybody. We don't condemn anybody." J.Edgar Hoover

"And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." John Kennedy

"Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind." John Kennedy

"Under Capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite." John Kenneth Galbraith

"Power corrupts. Absolute power is kind of neat." John Lehman

"If mankind minus one were of one opinion, then mankind is no more justified in silencing the one than the one - if he had the power - would be justified in silencing mankind." John Stuart Mill

"I see red!" Joseph McCarthy

"Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?" Joseph Stalin

"Stalin: stop sending people to kill me. We've already captured five of them... If you don't stop sending killers, I'll send one to Moscow, and I won't have to send a second." Josip Broz Tito

"Democracy is the road to Socialism." Karl Marx

"Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live." Kim Il Sung

"Communism is like one big phone company." Lenny Bruce

"Money can't buy happiness, but neither can poverty." Leo Roston

"Insurrection is an art, and like all arts has its own laws." Leon Trotsky

"Not believing in force is the same as not believing in gravity." Leon Trotsky

"The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end." Leon Trotsky

"The trouble with free elections is you never know who is going to win." Leonid Brezhnev

"Politics is the skilled use of blunt objects." Lester Pearson

"The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern." Lord Acton

"We thank God that our enemies are idiots." Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't." Margaret Thatcher

"Again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force." Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy." Mao Zedong

"There is a serious tendency towards Capitalism among the well-to-do peasants." Mao Zedong

"To read too many books is harmful." Mao Zedong

"Governments never learn. Only people learn." Milton Friedman

"This is genuine Democracy, but realistically the strong always rule." Muammar Gaddafi

"If I could do it all again, I'd be a farmer." Mobutu Sese Seko

"If you want to steal, steal a little in a nice way. But if you steal too much to become rich overnight, you'll be caught." Mobutu Sese Seko

"The chief is the chief. He is the eagle who flies high and cannot be touched by the spit of the toad." Mobutu Sese Seko

"A leader is a dealer in hope." Napoleon Bonaparte

"In politics, absurdity is not a handicap." Napoleon Bonaparte

"Our march to freedom is irreversible. We must not allow fear to stand in our way." Nelson Mandela

"Revolutions are frightening, but election campaigns are disgusting." Nicolas Gomez Davila

"Politics have no relation to morals." Niccolò Machiavelli

"Call it what you will, incentives are what get people to work harder." Nikita Khruschev

"Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much." Oscar Wilde

"The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived." Oscar Wilde

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." Plato

"I'm quite modest. I don't want to tell people I'm a leader." Pol Pot

"President in two centuries." Rafael Trujillo

"Turn on to politics, or politics will turn on you." Ralph Nader

"Any nation that decides the only way to achieve peace is through peaceful means is a nation that will soon be a piece of another nation." Richard Nixon

"People have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well, I'm not a crook. I've earned everything I got." Richard Nixon

"The American dream does not come to those who fall asleep." Richard Nixon

"I want everyone to play cricket in Zimbabwe; I want ours to be a nation of gentlemen." Robert Mugabe

"It may be necessary to use methods other than constitutional ones." Robert Mugabe

"Do you ever get the feeling that the only reason we have elections is to find out if the polls were right?" Robert Orben

"I am an Environmentalist... I am for clean air." Ronald Reagan

"The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." Ronald Reagan

"Politics is when you say you are going to do one thing while intending to another. Then you do neither." Saddam Hussein

"Let the life of every Turkmen be as beautiful as our melons." Saparmurat Niyazov

"By definition, as a Prime Minister I cannot be a liar." Silvio Berlusconi

"Foreign press is usually leftist and describes us differently from what we really are." Silvio Berlusconi

"I am the Jesus Christ of politics. I am a patient victim, I sacrifice myself for everyone." Silvio Berlusconi

"People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use." Soren Kierkegaard

"A leader leads by example, not by force." Sun Tzu

"The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it always to be kept alive." Thomas Jefferson

"A good journalist is not the one that writes what people say, but the one that writes what he is supposed to write." Todor Zhivkov

"This year - a factory of semiconductors. Next year - a factory of whole conductors!" Todor Zhivkov

"We must make a radical turn, at 360 degrees." Todor Zhivkov

"Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business." Tom Robbins

"During a campaign the air is full of speeches - and vice versa." Unknown

"Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity." Unknown

"Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason." Unknown

"When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right." Victor Hugo

"The regime is afraid of the people because it knows that free and fair elections will bring about its end." Viktor Yanukovych

"We must improve our lives and we will do it together - all of our citizens and myself as president." Viktor Yanukovych

"My heart, as all of yours, breaks when it sees how the government is robbing the country of its riches, how they sell out our national interests." Viktor Yushchenko

"If Russia rises, it means that the USA falls down." Vladimi Zhirinovsky

"It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed." Vladimir Lenin

"One man with a gun can control 100 without one." Vladimir Lenin

"Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain." Vladimir Putin

"An ideal form of government is Democracy tempered with assassination." Voltaire

"Communism is like prohibition, it's a good idea but it won't work." Will Rogers

"The best thing about this group of candidates is that only one of them can win." Will Rogers

"Power doesn't corrupt people, people corrupt power." William Gaddis

"I have always felt that a politician is to be judged by the animosities he excites among his opponents" Winston Churchill

"It has been said that Democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried." Winston Churchill

"The best argument against Democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." Winston Churchill

"The inherent vice of Capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries." Winston Churchill

"The seed of revolution is repression." Woodrow Wilson

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