Donald Pynch is a character in Tropico 4: Modern Times. He is a media mogul with extensive sway over global opinions, thanks to his manipulative, sensationalist, and often downright false news stories. Due to this most point to Rupert Murdoch as his inspiration and his appearance on Howard Hughes

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Donald Pynch introduces himself in War on Terror by using his media empire to harass Tropico. After Tropico enters the global war on terror without any plan on how to combat terrorism, Pynch runs a headline ridiculing the nation. Once a strategy has actually been chosen, he prints rumors that anthrax attacks have occurred in Tropico, convincing some of the island's educated professionals to emigrate. When the island's police station is bombed, he claims the event will cause an economic disaster. All the while this is happening, his papers print out misleading and false information about the terrorist attacks, framing El Diablo for them. However, with the help of the presidente and a handsomely bribed journalist working for Pynch, El Diablo gets revenge; using a shipment of weapons and a number of greeting cards signed by Pynch, Pynch can be made to look like he's personally supplying the terrorists with weapons. Under this threat, Pynch publishes "TerrorLeaks," a stash of data that clearly shows that Tropico was falsely targeted and that his journalists were being manipulated into wrongfully harassing the nation. However, he warns that he and the presidente will cross paths again.

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