Che Guevara Exports Revolutions

Che Guevara Exports Revolutions is a Timeline Event that can occur from 1962 to 1965.

While the event is happening, several rebels may disembark every time a ship arrives on the island, regardless of how happy the islanders themselves are with the government.


Che Guevara, a polarizing revolutionary figure, spent the early 60s traveling across the world to speak on his ideology. He urged many people to take up arms, aiming to "export" revolution to other countries by instructing others on Marxism and guerrilla tactics. He himself permanently left his Cuban home to fight in wars in other nations.

Though Che Guevara is a communist, supporters of any ideology (or none whatsoever) have taken advantage of his teachings on guerrilla warfare to start rebellions in other countries.


  • Oddly enough, if your Presidente is Che Guevara, this Timeline Event can still occur.
  • Even if your Island is heavily Communist, the event can still occur (Not communist enough?)
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